Young burghers want to go new ways in forchheim on the parking issue

The young citizens of forchheim discussed the issue of citizen-friendly parking management in forchheim in depth at their summer caucus meeting.

"Burger-friendliness must be the essential maxim, especially when it comes to parking in the city center", emphasizes group chairman ulrich schurr. This concerns a whole series of aspects. From improvements not only the citizens themselves, but not least also the inner-city trade and the city center itself by revitalization profit, it continues in the press release.

"We are in competition with neighboring cities and must absolutely prevent people from out of town from preferring neighboring cities for their shopping because of the specific parking situation", says stefan zocher. Such tendencies are to be heard and one must counteract it. One topic is certainly the very "meticulous" work, especially in the summer time work of the parking surveillance. "Of course, this is necessary, but it is a matter of showing sensitivity in individual cases, finds philipp blumlein. Last but not least, the integration and use of the two parking garages in forchheim is not optimal, the young citizens criticize. Simplification could also bring completely different models. In neighboring cities such as erlangen, digital ticketing systems have already been used very successfully, adds schurr. So-called digital payment solutions can be used for parking, but can also be extended to e-mobility or refueling

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