Workshop is hygienically in tip-top condition

The respirator technicians of the werneck fire department put in an additional 550 hours of work in 2016 to convert the respirator workshop. This was necessary due to stricter sanitary regulations, informs the wehr. Two rooms in the workshop have been redesigned to separate the clean and dirty areas. In the future, soiled equipment from firefighting operations or training exercises will first be taken to the black area, where it will be dismantled, disinfected and dried, and then tested, documented and shrink-wrapped in the female area.
"In this way, all hygienic aspects can be adhered to and the protection of the emergency personnel against infections is guaranteed at all times", the werneck fire department writes in its press release. In addition, the work areas and workbench have been redesigned in such a way that work is more efficient. A new respiratory protection device was also purchased, the old one had not passed the tuv. With the new device, the respiratory protection technicians are now in a position to independently perform and document all tests on masks, breathing apparatus and compressed air breathing apparatus.
The werneck fire department has four honorary respiratory protection advisors. They took care of 42 breathing apparatus, 42 breathing masks, 24 compressed air breathing apparatus and 70 breathing air bottles of the fire departments werneck and ebleben. The werneck fire department currently has 36 respiratory protection devices at its disposal. 

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