“Witch hunt” in the waldorf school

The twelfth grade of the waldorf school in the mainauen in habfurt will be taking a tour on 21. And 22. (wednesday and thursday) at 7 pm the play "witch hunt" by arthur miller on. The play presented in the school is about the persecution of women.
In 1692, the residents of the puritan town of salem, massachusetts, went into a witchcraft frenzy after the village reverend, mr. Parris, surprised girls dancing wildly in the woods. For fear of being punished, the girls break out into hysteria and accuse women of the village of being guilty of witchcraft. Abigail, the leader of the
madchen, takes advantage of this to get rid of elisabeth proctor, the wife of her former lover and servant john proctor, by accusing her of being a witch too. Elisabeth and many other salem women arrested and sentenced to death. John proctor, who knows the truth about the girls’ play, is trying to convince the court that the girls are just pretending. This is how he intends to protect the women of the village and elisabeth.

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