Weisendorf: the rough wait for the storm

In the town hall, mayor heinrich sub (UWG) looked impatiently at the clock, which showed 18 minutes.11 o'clock already passed and from the "flower pickers", who were on their way from the gimberlein parking lot to the town hall with the marching band of the herzogenaurach volunteer fire department, nothing could be seen or heard.

"Actually, they are always very punctual", said the mayor. The first members and listeners arrived for the meeting of the market town council, and the firemen in front of the town hall, who had been assigned to secure the train, picked up the radio and asked their comrades at the junctions whether the train had already passed through.

Finally, the blue light of the accompanying fire engine was reflected in the windows of the school and the drumbeat of the marching band could be heard. A short rutteln of the presidents and the mayor love the foolish troop into the city hall.

Just behind the entrance

The fools didn't have to look for the key, the mayor had it in his hand: and the good stucco was taken away by the "flower pickers" who rushed in at the first go uberhaupt not noticed. President matthias petsch finally tried to wrest the key from the head of the community and was supported by vice-president daniel weib. After a short tussle, the president raised the key to the sky.

"Just in time"

"We came a little later, because we're about to chair the meeting", petsch explained and could not refrain from pointing out that the hall was still not finished. "We will be until ash wednesday on 26. February work properly, there is enough money", assured matthias petsch. The mayor wished the troupe a successful session.

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