Viereth city receives the first educational profile

Viereth-trunstadt was the first municipality in the bamberg district to receive an education profile with detailed information about the framework conditions and current educational activities in the municipality. The 28-page collection of facts was compiled in the education office of the bamberg district office. If district administrator johann kalb (CSU) has his way, educational profiles like this one will be used not only in viereth-trunstadt, but soon in other towns and communities in the district to make educational policy decisions at the local level.
"Our county residents not only have a right to education – education is also an essential factor for economic development and social integration", said kalb in a press release. In order to develop the educational landscape in the best possible way, detailed knowledge of the framework conditions and current educational events in the municipality is indispensable, says the district administrator.
The education profile for viereth-trunstadt not only analyzes the framework conditions for population structure, employment, economic sectors and commuting movements, but also provides information on early childhood, school and vocational education.
The district of bamberg has set itself the task of actively shaping education. The hub for this is the education office in the district office, which was set up last fall as part of the "integrated education" program is financed by the federal government and the european union. Ramona wenzel is responsible for preparing the education reports: "the management of education is particularly accurate when it is based on up-to-date data. With the help of education monitoring, we provide viereth-trunstadt with the necessary tools to make informed education policy decisions. For example, the municipality has been able to respond quickly and efficiently to the need for early childhood care, creating both new daycare and after-school care places."
The educational profile can be downloaded as a document from the homepage of the district office and the municipality of viereth-trunstadt.

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