Theater director frank castorf: “i am a fatalist”

theater director frank castorf: 'i am a fatalist'

Theater director frank castorf (68) believes the restrictions in the corona crisis are excessive.

At the moment, the benefits of the regulations do not correspond to the costs, said the former director of the berlin volksbuhne in an interview with the "spiegel" (tuesday) and criticized the "degree of ideologization" of the decisions. "Already the words "lockdown and "shutdown make me spiteful," he said.

But he was neither a biologist nor a physician. "I work in the theater, and that’s where you get the willingness to fantasize, to think about what’s going on outside," castorf said.

The director, who is known for his often exaggerated and provocative statements, also criticized the restrictions on freedom. "I didn’t like being told by mrs. Merkel with a whiny face that i had to wash my hands. That offends my bourgeois upbringing", he said. Moreover, he misses the "protest" of the population. "We germans (…) are afraid of everything. We are willing to submit to the decrees of virology professors and politicians."

This "hateful opportunism" he even noticed in himself in the theater. Until recently, "the old woman man" was the main enemy there. "Now the virus is there, and even in theaters suddenly everyone thinks, any old, even if he is over 80 years and a man, should be protected at all costs," he said.

In any case, he does not see the benefit "of simply locking up old people who are now designated as the number one risk group.". That destroys the psyche and feeds life’s weariness, castorf said. He himself is not afraid of death. "I am not mystical or religious. I am fatalist. When i get deathly ill, i will say: it was a good life."

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