The “winter rose” was a high point


Christmas musical events are something that touches people in a special way. On the saturday evening of the third weekend of advent, the magically decorated kronachtalhalle was filled with an atmosphere of expectation.

Diverse moods

from the deeply moving "so this is christmas", written in 1972 in the historical context of the vietnam war from john lennon and yoko ono to the propelling sudamerican "felix navidad" – the musicians offered a variety of moods. This is especially true for the wonderful "winterrose" by kurt gable, centerpiece of the first part of the program. Symbolically describing the miracle of the holy night, the song cycle and reflective-optimistic texts on the christmas story show that the confrontation with the good news of christ's coming to our world remains current.

Concerts have been taking place since 1974

the traditional christmas concert has been the annual highlight of the extensive annual program of the active since 1974. This year's concert was also the official closing of the anniversary year "200 years of the steinberg music society". The presented christmas songs were only some stations of a highly diversified musical journey. Once again, conductor martin muller had put together a program that explored all the finesses of a wind orchestra. Not only did he once again show a fine sense of his sound, but he also hit the mark with his selection of wise and classic tunes, such as "fire and ice" and "comrades forever, the "munchner kind'l" concert waltz as well as modern hits – such as the composition uber zwillinge "twins" – fully the taste of the audience. It got really groovy in the second part with the lively medley for solo instruments "soloist parade", strongly influenced by the big band sound, the incomparable power ballad "who wants to live forever of the english rockband queen from the movie "highlander" and the world-famous "pink-panther-melody with a great solo by dominik engelhardt. Further musical honors were given to the most successful musical composer of the present andrew lloyd weber as well as the beatles in two driving medleys.

Five young musicians

to ensure the continuity of a sound corps, a good mix of experienced older as well as young actors is needed. This is fortunately the case with the music club steinberg. First chairman daniel muller expressed his joy at being able to present five young talents at their concert debut to the many visitors, among them deputy chairman of the NBMB alexander klug, honorary member of the NBMB bruno schnappauf as well as representatives from politics and friendly associations: laura and leonie schubert (flutes), jamie tries (saxophone), luca wachter (tenor horn) and jan hofmann (trumpet), who all did a wonderful job.

The concert, which was led in a preserved manner by carolin rehm, was finally concluded with the encore "I will follow him", which was vehemently demanded with standing ovations and long-lasting applause from the film "sister act. During the concert a selection of the most beautiful pictures of the kreismusikfest – taken by the fotofreunde steinberg – was shown. If you are interested in the approximately 2000 pictures, please contact the chairman, who will be happy to make them available on a data carrier.

Musikverein steinberg donates 2000 euro

out of gratitude for a successful jubilee year in connection with the unforgettable four-day district music festival in may, it was a matter of heart for the music society of steinberg to make generous donations to charitable causes in its hometown. Both the catholic day care center and the church administration st. Pankratius steinberg were happy about donations of 1000 euro each. Both times the money comes like called. In the kindergarten, the already impatiently awaited redesign of the outdoor facilities is finally taking place this year. The parish will use the donation to improve the appearance of the pathway at the side entrance to the parish church. Churchwarden christian eidloth thanked for the generous donations.

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