The parking morale leaves a lot to be desired

The celtic adventure playground "spielwinix attracts numerous visitors to the cordigast. The road from paffendorf to there is in a bad condition though. The construction committee voted not to tar the road, but to gravel it instead. That was quite sufficient, he said.

Ludwig winkler of the free burghers of the villages (FBO) recalled that it was a former forestry road that was only 3.50 meters wide. In the course of the decades the way had been extended to five meters. For the 500 meters after the parking lot, which are only open to agricultural and forestry traffic, there should therefore be no widening to five meters, but only the roadway should be prepared.

Hans-werner schuster (CSU) attaches great importance to building a stable road that can also be driven on by heavy agricultural and forestry vehicles. Winkler again urged that weismain fulfill its obligation to close the path to the playground from the weismain side.

The cafe in the neumuhle, a landmark in the old town of kunstadt, also attracts visitors. Winkler pointed out the other side of the coin: during opening hours, parking chaos reigns around the new location. "The operator must provide seven parking spaces", informed mayor robert hummer.

Hans-werner schuster lamented the poor parking morale in large parts of altenkunstadt. Winkler recalled that in the caritas residential complex, parking violators had been successfully warned by sticking notices on their windshield wipers. Hummer pointed out that no-stopping signs had been taken down in langheimer strabe. "And now it doesn’t work anymore", he stated in humiliation.

The general renovation of the elementary school will begin in the fall. During the construction period, the children will be taught in six containers set up at ground level.

Stephanie dittrich (bundnisgrune) would like to see another water point for the old part of the cemetery to make it easier for elderly citizens to go to the cemetery. It was agreed that the catholic church community would work towards the construction of another water extraction point during the planned removal of the tree.

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