The migration of the umbrellas

The migration of the umbrellas

Rain. Rain buried the hikers at the readers hike and rain said goodbye to the 19 brave men and women again. In between, the 14 kilometers and four hours provided exciting insights into the landscapes around the goldbergsee and the callenberg forest. From goldbergsee we went through ruckertpark and neuses. City guide heidi marx led the group through the rainy landscape and informed about the young history of the goldberg lake, the work of the poet friedrich ruckert and the old history of the callenberg forest. And always and everywhere water – from above, from below, sideways and from the front.

At the second stage at the goldbergsee, parallel to the railroad track, the track name "coburger meer" (coburg sea) made sense on this day makes sense. The wind whipped the rain in the face, the ground was only dimly distinguishable from the nearby lake. An autumnal walk along the dike at the north sea could not have been more beautiful. Nevertheless: no words of displeasure or discontent. "There is no bad weather, only bad clothing", was perhaps rightly the most frequent sentence of the day.

Under the colorful umbrellas, many conversations developed. Laughter was heard more often than moans or complaints about the "bad weather". One topic was the beautiful route, for which heidi marx received a lot of praise, because many rain hikers came from far away and used the readers’ hike to explore the coburg region "with the registration we also made a commitment to the people who organized everything. That’s another reason why we came despite the weather", says dietmar beyer from forchheim. Others came from habfurt or the bamberger area. More than half of those registered shied away from the rain and wind and did not come.

After almost two hours the umbrellas could be put aside for a short time – no, the rain had not stopped. Halay there was a free snack at a shelter at the waldorf school. After the first small climb up the goldberg the fresh pretzels and pancakes were a welcome change.

Tunnel under the strabe
after packing something for the road, we continued into the callenberg forest in the direction of the castle. Even fallow deer could be observed by the slightly soaked hikers. The rest of the way went through the forest.

"This section of the route was actually intended as protection from the sun, but this way we might get a little less rain", said marx. The route continued past the trimm-dich-path and the old chestnuts in the callenberg forest. "Here, we cast a little shadow and it doesn’t rain either", said one of the hikers optimistically. Unfortunately a fallacy – the rain was our constant companion that day. Slowly the idyll of the forest was again dulled by the noise of the approaching road, but every hike leads back to civilization at some point.

The tunnel under the strabe, leading to the lake, was the longest rain-free section of the day. The hikers found it a pity that there is no possibility to stop for a break in the immediate vicinity of the entire route, but some visitors still wanted to go into the city center for a cup of coffee. Again with umbrella and good mood.

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