The good-for-nothing stews in the holle

The good-for-nothing stews in the holle

All kinds of things were presented to the hundreds of paying participants at the new year’s reception on sunday evening in the "regnitzarena" offered: prominent benedictine priest anselm grun gave a crash course in life counseling between greek mythology and gospel. And mayor andreas schlund painted the devil on the wall, when he taught the indifference with a quote from calderon de la barca: satan awards the last free place in hell to the good-for-nothing waiting at the gate.

Bollerschutzen love it crash and in a cinematic flashback to the year 2011, which was also eventful from a local point of view, not only the many festivals came to life again, but also footage was shown of the renovation of the castle sassanfahrt, which is to be transformed into a training center and cultural center with the help of millions of euros. The only threat to hirschaid lies a good year in the past: on 6. January 2011 after the nationwide snowmelt, the regnitz water reached close to the houses in regnitzau. In the meantime, the flood relief of the district has been crammed through from a planning and legal point of view.

Among the guests was also a delegation from speyer, where andreas schlund stood three times in front of the tomb of emperor heinrich IV. Bowed, to whom hirschaid owes its first documentary mention. Master chimney sweep robert schmitt handed out lucky cents and music student victoria kunze from seigendorf lifted the audience onto a cloud with the sound of harps and bell-bright vocals. The rhythm section of the hirschaider blech wind orchestra later gave a lively rendition of chatschaturjan’s sabeltanz.

Father anselm grun, OSB, had a lot of good advice on how to get closer to heaven or at least how to have a good time on earth: he recommended reading the eight beatitudes and studying the seven works of mercy in order to increase one’s art of living and to deal better with oneself. The benedictine priest from munsterschwarzach, one of the most widely read german authors of the present day, called for a "merciful attitude on the part of society" and warned against the rampant "culture of uplift and disenchantment to be in the grip of our days. Those who experience suffering and misfortune should not be broken by it, but should allow it to open them up to a new way of life and a new path to god, the pastor advised.

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