The e-bike wave is just getting started

The e-bike wave is just getting started

Of course, she has already tried the idea for herself. And her four children have also made the splash and have been out and about on their e-bikes. For the second year, iris haueis from the country inn of the same name in the hermes district of marktleugast offers vacationers bicycles with electric pedal assistance from the company movelo. And she is sure that this way of moving is not a fad that will eventually disappear into oblivion again.

Because just as the e-bike industry as a whole is showing good growth, the demand for the bikes is also increasing among vacationers. "They were more in demand this year than in 2012", says the restaurateur, who not only offers high-quality rental bikes for 20 euros a day, but has also set up a battery-changing station at the country inn. The freshly charged battery is free of charge for movelo bikers in hermes.

Charging and strong
"we are of course delighted when guests come to change their batteries and then have a snack with us", iris haueis explains the gastronomic side effect of the cyclist service.

Those who want to rent an e-bike in hermes don’t necessarily have to be guests of the 60-bed hotel, explains the manager, and smiles when she says that even locals have already rented bikes to experience the special riding experience with electric pedal assistance.

According to iris haueis, the number of kilometers that can be covered with electric assistance depends on how much the batteries are used. She estimates the range of the bikes, which are often rented by the older generation, at between 50 and 70 kilometers.

Younger, sporty cyclists, according to their words, usually have their own bikes with them – such as the 18-strong group that stopped off in hermes and naturally regarded the e-bikes as more of a plaything than a piece of sports equipment…

One-day and multi-day tours
while the region is making a name for itself as a mountain biking destination – 300 kilometers of trails have been designated, and the outdoor parc frankenwald near walberngrun has just been launched – the offer for e-bikers is now very comfortable.

The frankenwald tourism service center in kronach has worked out various multi-day tours and daily stages for tours with bikes from the e-bike rental company movelo from bad reichenhall, which now already equips 80 regions with 5,000 electric bikes in germany and austria. They are summarized in a more than 60-page brochure, which, in addition to the rental and battery exchange stations, presents in detail the local sights and gastronomic delights. "The french e-bike threesome" takes the e-bikers on an interesting route through french switzerland, the fichtelgebirge mountains and the frankenwald forest, transporting their packs from place to place and booking their accommodation in advance.

Iris haueis is convinced that the mountainous frankenwald has a lot of potential for e-bikers. "I think it will take another two to three years before it really takes off, says the gastronome, who like her husband hans-georg was happy to join the movelo idea.

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