Sudlink: “new” old variant in eastern district causes surprise

Sudlink: 'new' old variant in eastern district causes surprise

Oerlenbach’s mayor franz kuhn was surprised when he heard that the. February, the other planning with the 1000-meter corridors of the high-voltage line sudlink in the eastern district of bad kissingen was considered. But a variant appears in the map that he long ago wahnte from the table.

According to the current plan, the route corridor coming along the A71 from the north splits above poppenhausen (schweinfurt district). One line continues straight down the autobahn to bergrheinfeld. The other branched off to the west and bent off to the southwest in the direction of arnstein or grobgartach in bad-wurttemberg – right through the middle between oerlenbach and ebenhausen. The last proposal was to run the corridor south of ebenhausen. The crazy thing: this route was already a topic once, but was considered rejected.

"The variant is old. We already rejected it five years ago. I did not think that it would be included in the planning again", oerlenbach’s mayor franz kuhn informs on inquiry. "Alternative 461 (the route corridor between ebenhausen and oerlenbach, d. R.) is one for which the federal network agency (bnetza) has initiated an alternative assessment. Therefore, the submitted variant is now being considered as an alternative corridor", reports christopher gopfert, communications officer for suedlink at transnetbw in stuttgart. Transnetbw and tennet TSO are so-called "project owners for sudlink, driving the rough project forward on behalf of the federal government.

So the federal network agency has prompted the company to reexamine the alternative corridor that was already under discussion years ago. But why? Gopfert writes that "at the bnetza, concrete alternatives were brought in by third parties" were. When asked, he refers to the authorities; he himself knows the "third" corridor not.

Ulrike platz from the press office of the federal network agency says on request that her agency does not name so-called users as a matter of principle. The reason for the re-evaluation is "an alternative proposal within the framework of the official and public participation" been.

The editorial team has interviewed one of the "objectors the "original corridor" already brought back into play last fall at an investigation meeting of the federal network agency. He is not directly affected by sudlink. Nevertheless, he did not want to read his name in the newspaper for the time being.

He has given it a lot of thought – and has changed his original opinion on the route. "Such a power line is never completely environmentally compatible. But the variant between oerlenbach and ebenhausen offers advantages", he says. The nature of the landscape. The variant south of ebenhausen had to cross three to four high hills and valleys before turning southwest at ramsthal. This is not so extreme in the case of the central corridor. Also, this proposal encroaches little or not at all on the forest. In the case of the southern route, on the other hand, "120 to 140 meters of encroachment on the forest were necessary". In addition, the land has to be kept clear when the sudlink underground cables are laid. Finally, the interurban route appears to the interlocutor to be shorter than the southern variant.

The sudlink corridor between oerlenbach and ebenhausen would certainly have suited the kaufmann farm above ramsthal. Because the organic farm was not affected by this, unlike the southern course, confirms julian schaub, a member of the family. Nevertheless, he added, he would not want any of the local farmers to have the route pass over their fields.

As the "new" variant is actually an old one, it’s not surprising when christopher gopfert from transnetbw says: "the prefab is done." the corridor between oerlenbach and ebenhausen is suitable. The immediate 525-kilovolt lines need a width of 16 to 20 meters on the trunk line, says gopfert. However, the route has not yet been narrowed down to this width. This will only happen in the next step – the planning approval process.

But: "in the fall of 2019, the project sponsors tennet and transnetbw sought talks with local political representatives along the entire proposed route corridor in order to discuss possible, rough routes.", writes gopfert. It was a matter of looking at the complete route in the proposed corridor with representatives of the public, of discussing it and of receiving suggestions. "By obtaining local knowledge, the project sponsors wanted to ensure that no insurmountable planning obstacles would arise in the later planning approval process." this informal participation does not prejudge the federal network agency’s decision on the final route.

This tuesday, 10. March, the sudlink issue is once again on the agenda of the oerlenbach community council. Mayor franz kuhn believes that the municipality will stick to the existing corridor south of ebenhausen internally. Both the land of the federal police and the forest should be noted. In addition, there is a land use plan that takes into account the expansion of the federal police. "We do not want to spoil this opportunity."

The mayor assumes that the municipal council will reject the original variant as before. The community has not yet made any comments or objections to the alternative route. This is still until 16. April possible. The plan for the sudlink route in the eastern district lies until 16. Marz in the district office.

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