Sports club postpones renovation work

Sports club postpones renovation work

The sickershausen sports club (SV) honored numerous deserving members at its general meeting in the sports hall and, at the request of herbert kohler of the club committee, appointed helmut durr and alexander nuss honorary members for their services to the club. In addition to the certificates of appointment, they received a pewter plate.

In his report, chairman uwe kohler listed numerous activities. In addition to the skiing trip, children’s carnival, summer festival and church fair, the theater evenings ensured a secure financial situation. However, kohler would like to see more support in the area of helpers.

Treasurer hans rahmann complained about high expenses for pay television in order to be able to offer broadcasts of high-class soccer events. In addition, the costs for the watering of the pitch had increased due to the drought in the summer. In the 2019 budget, the expected costs had therefore been increased significantly as a precautionary measure. The suggestion to collect rainwater does not bring much, because even if 20 cubic meters were collected, that would only be enough for one day. Another point of criticism was connected by the treasurer with an appeal to undergo referee training. Every year the SV has to pay a high amount because it does not provide referees.

The SV’s aerobics program is attended by up to 20 participants, and about 15 sportswomen come to the women’s gymnastics class. The theater group celebrated its 40th anniversary last year and was awarded the cultural prize by the city of kitzingen. The performances attracted around 10,000 visitors.

The first team successfully completed the promotion games to the district league and currently occupies eleventh place. The historic victory over the bayern kitzingen club was considered important for the club’s chronicle. All in all, the SV has the potential to remain in the district league, but keeps conceding unnecessary defeats.

The youth department currently has five teams, ranging from U7 to U11, some of which play together in teams. For all age groups there is the possibility of a trial training on the training days.

Chairman kohler pointed out that the desired yoga exercises could not be offered for the time being, first an instructor must be available. He went on to talk about the breakthrough in the clubhouse with the installation of a folding wall, which was decided on last year. After an offer was made for a five-figure sum, the club management thought about a complete renovation and put the original project on hold for the time being. Since there is still a substantial loan to be paid off, intensive consideration must be given to further indebtedness. Therefore, according to kohler, nothing will happen in 2019 and the general meeting in 2020 will decide anew.

Senior herbert kohler finally explained that he was worried about the association. He has been following the event for 70 years. Now it is time to demand more initiative, not all work can be left to the board.

In addition to the appointment of helmut durr and alexander nuss as honorary members, the following members were honored: werner heinkel (50 years of membership), walter gust, rainer hutterer, jurgen uhl (40 years), thomas beer, andreas heinkel, michael reichhard and sabine wagner (30 years).

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