Spd wants to talk about rough coalition

Spd wants to talk about rough coalition

Talks with the CDU/CSU can take place in the coming week. Afterwards, party leader sigmar gabriel spoke of a "very calm discussion" among the 200 delegates. "Now it’s up to mrs. Merkel to bring about the formation of a government," he said. SPD’s decision "does not clear the way for coalition negotiations".

A member referendum would be a novelty in SPD history. A vote on a certain day in the local associations would be possible in accordance with the statutes. The result is to be politically binding. Gabriel stressed that exact form is still unclear.

Exploratory talks to explore lines of compromise. The SPD is pushing for a minimum wage, a rent brake, pension reform and higher taxes for the wealthy in order to have more money for municipalities, education and infrastructure. Expected controversies were largely absent from the convention, it was said.

The start of formal coalition negotiations with chancellor angela merkel (CDU), CSU leader horst seehofer and other top union politicians once again had to be approved by the party convention as the highest SPD decision-making body between federal party conventions. It was therefore only formally interrupted on friday evening. SPD leader gabriel, parliamentary party leader frank-walter steinmeier, the defeated candidate for chancellor steinbruck, secretary general andrea nahles, north rhine-westphalia’s minister president hannelore kraft and hamburg’s head of government olaf scholz are in talks for the exploratory commission. According to the resolution, the basis for the negotiations is the SPD election platform.

Steinbruck impressed delegates with moving speech. "My career will come to an orderly end," the 66-year-old was quoted as saying. The delegates gave him a standing ovation. He has repeatedly expressed his gratitude for the party’s support during the election campaign.

Last sunday, the SPD had achieved 25.7 percent of the vote. Steinbruck thus fell short of his electoral goal of a red-green majority. He wants to keep his seat in the bundestag, and the native of hamburg also wants to be involved in possible coalition negotiations.

Because of the threat of a trial by attrition, SPD leader gabriel had taken up the proposal to let all members have a say on whether to join a grand coalition for the first time in the party’s history. This is to take place as far as possible before the federal party congress on 14 december. November to be completed in leipzig. Gabriel said there was no automatism toward a grand coalition, that the decisive factor was the cohesion of the party. If the grassroots ultimately reject a possible coalition agreement, the SPD leadership around gabriel could hardly be held to account – the party would then have to completely reorganize itself.

At the same time, however, reference was made to the enormously calming effect of a positive decision – and to the prospect of more concessions from the union in view of the SPD’s basic vote. "We must focus the utmost interest on ensuring that the party is united at the end of this extremely difficult will-forming process," said lower saxony’s minister president stephan weil.

Many SPD politicians are skeptical about an alliance with the union, which is only five mandates short of an absolute majority. "We are concerned with the issue at hand, not with ministerial posts," emphasized executive committee member hubertus heil on the fringes of the convention. Vice chairwoman of the parliamentary group elke ferner said: "everyone gets pimples on their face when they think about it."Especially NRW minister president kraft is skeptical about such an alliance. There is concern about a success of the SPD in local elections in ten lander on 25. May.

The majority of germans, on the other hand, want a rough coalition. 58 percent were in favor of this in a survey for the ZDF "political barometer.

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