Second chance to start a career

Second chance to start a career

With a generous donation of 8,500 euros, the sparkasse lichtenfels-coburg supports a proven concept that gives many young people the chance of a sensible career start. The ecn class has been running at the johann-puppert school in michelau for the past twelve years. The abbreviation ecn stands for extra chance use. The program is aimed at students in the final years of high school who, for whatever reason, have not managed to graduate with a qualifying high school diploma.

These students voluntarily attend school three days a week. There, they are being prepared for the qualifying secondary school leaving certificate in lessons that focus on the core subjects. Two days a week, they complete a two-week internship in a company in the lichtenfels area. After that, they move on to another company. The young people are individually supervised during their internship by a graduate social pedagogue and by the class leader. No costs for the companies.

No one should be left behind, even if the implementation is quite difficult in terms of the number of participants. Ten schools are currently taking advantage of the extra opportunity. They come from all over the county. This project is only made possible by a massive support from different sides. Supported by the deanery of michelau. For years, the lichtenfels-coburg district savings bank, together with the lichtenfels district office and the municipality of michelau, has supported the ecn class with a generous donation.

Dean receives check

So it was that the two representatives of the sparkasse, sparkasse business economist markus engel and stefan schneyer, press spokesman for the sparkasse lichtenfels-coburg, handed over a donation check for 8,500 euros in the courtyard of the michelau deanery. The latter handed over the symbolic check to dean stefanie ott-fruhwald.

The latter stressed the importance of young people being able to enter a stage in life where they can actually earn their own living. She sees in the demand an essential aspect of the christian conception of man realized: "every human being has his own identity, and everyone deserves the chance not to be written off."

Helmut fischer, as deputy district administrator, emphasized that the district office very much welcomes the fact that the education authority is looking for ways to challenge disadvantaged schools. "We are pleased that this could be achieved once again this year, not least thanks to the sparkasse and the deanery as sponsors. We hope that for a long time to come, some way will be found to help students who are having difficulties."

"We think it's a great project", emphasized stefan schneyer from the savings bank. "It stands and falls with all involved. It is important that the students not only learn about school subjects, but also gain personal experience in learning and using new skills in the digital world. We can already see that after this ecn year, a large number of schools will be able to start earning a living."

Dirk rosenbauer, the new mayor of michelau, pointed out that michelau is naturally proud that this ecn-class is offered in michelau. He thanked the sparkasse lichtenfels-coburg and the district administration for their support.

"You can also see crises as opportunities that help you find the right orientation, explained lena stahn, the social pedagogue responsible for the ecn class. The motivation of the students has increased significantly as a result of the individual support.

It is currently important that the time that was lost due to the long corona break is now being made up for. 

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