Rudolf Kostas brings Viennese Schmah to life

Rudolf kostas brings viennese schmah to life

The well-known baritone, equipped with a dark timbre, is a witty reciter, poet and profound actor. He led through the evening with charm and wit, sometimes in sentimental irony, sometimes in background dreariness, reviving wiener schmah and paying homage especially to women.

He is assisted by matthias spindler, a congenial partner from the theater zwickau-plauen, who accompanies the performance in a flirtatious dance manner. It is the charisma of kostas, which radiates a certain esprit, his closeness especially to the female audience. As a cavalier of the old school he kneels down "kiss the hand, gracious lady", pats one cheek, pines at, blatantly admires some forms, but always keeps his composure. "Growing old together and staying young, he sings, and a few spontaneously looks for their own hands and and prints them firmly.

Viennese stories the connoisseur of the scene is able to describe in a witty way, hidden messages can be heard and the pure joy of life can be experienced. "It must be something wonderful to be loved by you", comes full-toned from the throat "im prater bluht wieder der fruhling" (spring is blooming again in the prater), "the wine tastes so good", all the melodies of ralph benatzky, straub and co., K& K-flair en masse. And in between, again and again, these gentle, timeless stories about the philosophy of life, of eating and drinking.

"The "mehlspeis, "the salzburger nockerln, are sung lavishly, the kaiserschmarrn erzahlerisch and in the song satisfaction, quickly an anecdote, a curious incident, the mirror held up, the two artists hold the flame of light entertainment high, applause erupts.

Successful symbiosis
musically the palate is stimulated and succesively invited to the buffet, the liason culture and culinary enter into a successful symbiosis. Then it becomes a bit bitterbose, morbid a la georg kreisler, rudolf kostas has many facets. But on this evening, he would rather illuminate the gentle side of existence and the wonderful stations on the way to the end of life.

"It was enchanting already"
typically viennese then the finale: "thank you, it was enchanting already" he sings goodbye, prints hande, a tender kiss on the cheek, kneels down again and looks at "her" with incomparable eye appeal. The women felt really well taken care of this evening.

Not only dr. Ulrike rausch-rieb, chairwoman of the cultural association and initiator, was enthusiastic, and the audience applauded long and hard. Such evenings there should be in neudrossenfeld oftenters.

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