Round by round, euro by euro

Lena snorts and grumbles to the group: "we’ll manage one more time!" the others want something to drink, something to eat. But lena spurs on her classmates from 7c. "It is for a good cause." every completed lap brings money and you can eat later, too. 400 meters on the tartan track or a kilometer around the sports field.

The run for kaya brings movement to the city. Numerous kindergarten children, schoolchildren and teachers, citizens and company employees take part in the charity run, which takes place every two years. In addition to the sporting activity, the aim is to raise as much money as possible for aid projects in herzogenaurach’s partner city of kaya. In 2017, the run moved more than 4,000 people, making it herzogenaurach’s biggest sporting event. In the past years more than 225000 euro could be collected for the good cause.

On the road in flip-flops

With them some promilaufer. According to athlete patrick schneider, who explains during a break: "I have now run five kilometers, and there are five more to go." he is accompanied by dietmar mucke, who once again thrilled the participants as he completed lap after lap in flip-flops. Also back: asha noppeney. She is taking part for the fourth time. She was born in 1954 in moroto in uganda. At the age of seven, she broke her lower leg in a bicycle accident and eventually lost her leg after a treatment error. But when she runs, she goes round and round, collecting money for kaya.

Lena made it, by the way. Three further rounds were completed. This led to sensational intermediate times. Before the company runners arrived, the statistics already showed a total donation of 38,493.69 euros, 17,704.4 kilometers had already been run. The goal of raising 50,000 euros was already within reach by lunchtime. Puma, adidas, schaeffler, city employees, the BRK – were still in the starting blocks and wanted to make their contribution.

Even though the main part of the charity run took place on and around the sports field of the high school, it should not be forgotten that donations were also collected in other places. Swimmers completed their laps in the outdoor pool to collect donations.

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