Riedenberg: 40 years of the senior citizens’ circle

Riedenberg: 40 years of the senior citizens' circle

Loud singing and laughter could be heard from outside the parish hall in riedenberg last wednesday. When visitors entered, they were greeted by a coarse cake buffet and a seductive smell of coffee in the entrance area. Diligent ladies laid out cakes or reeled out numerous dishes. The reason for the happy celebration was the fortieth anniversary of the riedenberg senior citizens’ group.

At that time, in september 1978, the "old club" was the aforementioned senior citizens’ group met. Hilaria dengler, children’s village mom from the local children’s village st. Anton, called him to life. She had been elected to the parish council at that time. On her initiative, maria schneider, martha statt and anton ruttiger also took part in a seminar for senior citizens in wurzburg. On 8. September was the day. The first senior afternoon took place in the parish hall. The group threw itself eagerly into the organization of the regular events. Busy cake bakers and volunteer drivers were organized – eventually the meetings were not limited to coffee wreaths, but numerous field trips were also organized. Everything was financed – and still is – by a regular contribution from the participants.

A "birthday service was brought to life from the very beginning. Since then, a small delegation has come to congratulate the seniors on their birthdays. But it wasn’t only on these happy occasions that the seniors were visited; the visit of the sick was also organized at christmas time. In the course of the years the visits in the senior citizen homes in bad bruckenau came to it.

Until 1997, hilaria dengler was the head of the senior citizens’ group. After that, christine schumm and the current chairwoman, walburga frohlich, took over the presidency. In 1998, edith fass and gertrud reub joined the team, and in 2010, lydia jager. 2017 also sigrid schurlein joined in. Not a single event has been cancelled since the founding of the club. And, of course, the big jubilee event was also celebrated in style. After the obligatory church service, the guests went to the parish hall as usual. This time, there was a fun tavern sing-along, with lots of swaying and clapping.

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