Rescuers work together on the race track

On sunday, 4. August, takes place at the rescue service center in steinbach am wald from 13.30 o'clock a day of the open door takes place. With this event, the fire department and the BRK district association want to point out their good cooperation on the one hand, but on the other hand, the responsible persons also want to show their range of services and win over one or the other for a voluntary commitment.

The program is varied. Apart from the fact that the visitors can examine the two buildings of the relief organizations, can argue with the devices and vehicles, also performances are offered, which give an insight into the tasks of the active ones.

The fire department of steinbach will demonstrate a rescue operation, the mountain rescue team will show a training with rescue dogs. Information is available on the BRK multigenerational house in buchbach and on the "quality of life for generations" project, which is now known far beyond the borders of the district.

Rubber boot throwing
Markus Schulz explained that for the first time there would be a rubber boot throwing competition for everyone in steinbach. It's about who throws the boot the furthest, she says. Divided into two groups, namely children/adolescents and adults. The award ceremony for the competition takes place at 6 p.M.

For him and his team, as well as for the head of the social station oberer frankenwald, carmen fehn, it is important to bring the aid organizations closer to the people. It is also to be shown that one with honorary commitment with the fire-brigade or with the BRK not only a good work makes, but that one can have thereby much spab.

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