Report: new structure for the bka because of militant right-wingers

Report: new structure for the bka because of militant right-wingers

According to a media report, the federal criminal police office (BKA) is to be given a new structure and more personnel in order to be able to take more intensive action against right-wing terrorist groups and individual offenders.

In addition, the authority in wiesbaden is to have a "central office for combating hate crime" in the future, as WDR, NDR and "suddeutsche zeitung" (monday) report. The media refer to a current BKA planning paper. The report states that up to 440 additional positions are needed for the restructuring.

The challenge for the "reorganization of the fight against politically motivated crime – right-wing – and hate crime" is a growing danger from militant right-wing extremists. More than one in two right-wing extremists are considered "violence-oriented," with a total of 12 in 2018.700 people. The number of violent acts classified as right-wing extremist by the federal office for the protection of the constitution rose by 3.2 percent last year compared to the same period the year before.

According to the report, the BKA is proposing to the federal ministry of the interior that a new structure be set up in the police state protection department. In order to increase the "pressure of persecution", two groups with a total of ten units were to deal with right-wing extremist criminality there.

According to the report, right-wing networks should be detected early in the future. In addition, there should be an improvement in the national and international exchange of information between authorities. A risk assessment system ("RADAR-right") for violent right-wing extremists is also planned.

According to the report, the federal office for the protection of the constitution will also be reorganized. More personnel are also planned here in the analysis and evaluation of right-wing extremist structures. For the domestic intelligence service, consideration is being given to deterring violent right-wing extremists from committing possible crimes at an earlier stage, by means of so-called "danger talks.

With regard to hate crime on the internet, the BKA plans to introduce a "national office for consistent combating", according to the report. Among other things, by monitoring the internet more closely, the authors of hate and threatening messages should be identified more quickly. According to the report, this may have required longer retention periods for so-called data retention, as well as a criminal offense covering the creation and dissemination of "enemy and death lists".

The domestic policy spokesman of the FDP parliamentary group, konstantin kuhle, spoke out against data retention to combat hate crime. "Instead of storing the data of millions of federal burghers, we should create a regulation with which storage takes place on an occasion-related basis and in the case of certain suspicious circumstances," kuhle told the "handelsblatt" newspaper. He is also critical of the introduction of a new criminal offense of "enemy and death lists". According to the report, well-equipped police forces and public prosecutors’ offices would be better equipped.

Ex-president of the german bundestag norbert lammert (CDU), meanwhile, demanded that incitement and hate comments on the internet be prosecuted more severely. Lammert told the redaktionsnetzwerk deutschland (RND/monday) that there is a certain amount of tension in the judiciary that does not do justice to the seriousness of the subject. "When minimum requirements for private and public communication are exceeded, at least the same consistency should be shown as, for example, when speeding fines are demanded and collected."

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