Readers’ forum: clearly communicating the reasons for change

To the article "role ruckwarts with the kitzinger station" from 14.11. The following reader's letter reached the editorial office. A few words about the endless kitzingen train station story: the tragedy in the matter of the city train station, which is currently on the siding again, leads me to the following thoughts, which consider yet another aspect. I am referring to the workshop on the design of the railroad station, which took place several years ago.

What is the point of organizing workshops at the municipal or communal level in which the citizen can participate?? Do you really want citizen participation?? Or do these events only serve to make it look that way, or because that's the way people think it should be done today?? There was citizen participation on urban development, on ILEK, on LEADER, on ESD. You pin colorful pieces of paper on the pinboards of well-paid agencies and invest hour after hour, evening after evening.

What remains – and this is here my highly subjective own feeling: unfortunately only little. Little or nothing remains of all the interesting, innovative, creative ideas of participating burgers. For whatever reasons concepts are changed, prevented, reshaped, overplanned or simply discarded, one would do well to communicate this clearly.

I'm stretching the bow. I see this behavior, this method, not only locally, but also at the state, national or even european level, and it creates disenchantment. Disenchantment with design, disenchantment with participation and also disenchantment with politics. In such open political flanks fall forces, which are not well-disposed to democracy anyway. Unfortunately, the consequences can be seen everywhere at the moment.

Hope is being created again by committed people, young people, who have the strength and courage to oppose these entrenched processes and transform them positively for the community. One would be well advised to give these people more space.

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