Ranking: germany outperforms germany in tobacco control

Ranking: germany outperforms germany in tobacco control

The european cancer societies have given germany a poor report card on tobacco control. The federal republic of germany came last in the ranking of 36 countries when it comes to smoking and advertising bans or tobacco taxes, for example.

"In germany, nothing more happens than the legal minimum," said ute mons, rapporteur for the german cancer research center in heidelberg. "Other countries have now voluntarily done much more."This is one of the reasons why germany has slipped to last place for the first time.

The "european tobacco control scale" is based on measures that countries have taken to reduce smoking among the population. The latest edition for 2019 shows two dark red spots on the map of europe: germany and switzerland. Switzerland scores 41, germany only 40 out of a possible 100 points on tobacco control. For comparison: winner great britain achieves 80 out of 100 points.

"For example, we are the last country to allow tobacco smoke advertising on billboards, litfab pillars or at gas stations," said mons. Austria, which used to be among the worst performers, has moved up to 20th place – for example, thanks to a strict smoking ban in restaurants and bars. In germany, on the other hand, there is still a patchwork of smoking bans in the individual federal states.

According to mons, the tobacco industry in germany spends around 200 million euros a year on advertising. Other countries, on the other hand, are no longer too fond of tobacco advertising and promotion, such as at festivals. Sometimes, cigarette packets in a uniform gray or brown color are mandatory – along with warning labels. The packets are not visible in stores either, customers had to ask for them.

Since 2006, the european cancer societies have quantified every three years a total of six measures that are considered effective in the fight against tobacco use. These include tobacco tax increases, smoking bans, public awareness campaigns, a comprehensive ban on tobacco advertising, warning labels on tobacco packaging, and smoking cessation support.

As a consequence, german cancer aid demands a standardization of non-smoker protection in all public rooms and workplaces as well as continuous and traceable tax increases on traditional tobacco products – but also on tobacco heaters and e-cigarettes. In addition, the nonsmokers action alliance is pushing for a comprehensive advertising ban on tobacco products and e-cigarettes.

According to the german cancer aid, around 121 people die of cancer in germany every year.000 people die from diseases caused by smoking. These include, in particular, lung and cardiovascular diseases as well as numerous types of cancer. Around one-third of all cancers are caused by tobacco smoke. For organs that come into direct contact with smoke, such as the oral cavity, larynx, and lungs, the rate is up to 90 percent. Smoking is one of the most preventable cancer risk factors for the german cancer aid organization.

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