Probably no islamist motive for Kolner hostage-taking

Probably no islamist motive for kolner hostage-taking

Among the items seized from the suspected perpetrator’s room and his communications via the internet and cell phone have been evaluated so far, he said. There are more and more indications of massive psychological problems, reported WDR, NDR and "suddeutscher zeitung" on friday. But the material does not point to an islamist background. Federal prosecutors could not be reached for comment.

The karlsruhe authorities had not ruled out a terrorist motive for the attack. Investigation of mohammed A for two counts of attempted murder and grievous bodily harm. R. According to witnesses, he had claimed, among other things, that he was a member of the terrorist militia "islamic state" (IS).

The syrian is due to be released on 15. October a 14-year-old girl was seriously injured in the arson attack on a fast-food restaurant at coln’s main train station. He then holed up in a pharmacy and took a woman as a hostage. Among other things, he was carrying a suitcase containing prepared gas cartridges and accelerants. Police finally intervened and shot him down, he survived seriously injured.

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