Pinzberg christmas on 7,5 square meters

Who drives through the christmas decorated pinzberg, does not suspect, which christmas are in the houses. For example in the kapellenstrabe 43 with the family hornig, where an admirable christmas crib is to be found. It's really worth stopping here.

Previously, the family had lived in hausen for rent. Already there, as the gifted tinkerer heinrich hornig recounts, he began to build cribs. As a mason he had more time in winter. He had already succeeded in building his first crib, which gradually became his passion. "The cellar was cold. But that couldn't stop him", recalls his wife franziska. In 1999 they moved into their new house in pinzberg. A rough niche in the living room was already designated as a place for the manger. A lot of work goes into the invisible base that has to support the crib, explains the hobbyist.

The frame is made of solid squared timber and boards. Hornig made a point of ensuring that his figures were not oversized. The lighting, the moss, the lovingly designed bridges and ladders, the french half-timbering and the finely grouted tufa stones are evidence of dedication and a great deal of skill. "My wife has to help put up the houses", says hornig. A FT reader is also one of the witnesses of the holy night. For heinrich hornig, not a single day has begun without the FT for many years now.

It will not be boring

the chapel in the crib scene may not be missing. "After all, we live in kapellenstrabe," says hornig, says the couple. And there is also a mill wheel in the crib.
A defect could severely damage the wooden floor. The windshield wiper motor installed on the water wheel even ran heib once. Vigilance is therefore called for in order not to experience any unpleasant consequences. "The star is still missing, it will be added next year", says hornig. The coming winters will not be boring.

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