Bayern in cyber training - newcomer nianzou injured

Thomas muller put on his vacation smile when he fell in love with the sabener strabe again after the corona test. With an initial medical check-up and then a virtual unit in front of the screens, triple champion FC bayern has started its training for the new season.

As already proven during the preparation for the champions league triumph, coach hansi flick loves his proteges to sweat in their own four walls. After a few more days of diagnostics, the munich-based company then plans to launch the. September: training together on the pitch for the first time.

Lena snorts and grumbles to the group: "we’ll manage one more time!" the others want something to drink, something to eat. But lena spurs on her classmates from 7c. "It is for a good cause." every completed lap brings money and you can eat later, too. 400 meters on the tartan track or a kilometer around the sports field.

The run for kaya brings movement to the city. Numerous kindergarten children, schoolchildren and teachers, citizens and company employees take part in the charity run, which takes place every two years. In addition to the sporting activity, the aim is to raise as much money as possible for aid projects in herzogenaurach’s partner city of kaya. In 2017, the run moved more than 4,000 people, making it herzogenaurach’s biggest sporting event. In the past years more than 225000 euro could be collected for the good cause.

bat night went down great

They have nothing to do with mice or birds – and, contrary to persistent myths, the animals are not related to a count dracula either. The bat night with gerhard hubner near unterbrunn on sunday, to which the weismain environmental station had invited, dispelled such prejudices. Even more, the despite good weather unfortunately only five participants enjoyed it to dive into the fascinating world of the flattermanner.
"Their bad reputation have fledermause unjustly. They are wonderful, fascinating animals", said gerhard hubner at the funeral of the participants at the lookout hill near unterbrunn. He is involved in the topic as a contact person for bats in the coburg district group of the state association for the protection of birds together with dagmar papadopoulus. But he is also familiar with the local flora and fauna: hubner is active in the landscape conservation association of the district of lichtenfels and oversees the "weidelandschat obermain" project."
"Before we start, I need some advice". Hubner gets bat-detector and bat-corder out of the trunk. Without technical help it does not work. The event, part of the already traditional international bat night, was deliberately scheduled for the late evening hours. After all, the animals are on the prowl at night in order to build up sufficient reserves for the next winter. Observing bats in the dark is naturally a bit difficult "that was just a river bat". On the banks of the river main, a hunting bat was briefly spotted in the light of the flashlight.

As a rule they are not audible

The human ear is usually unable to hear the animals – apart from children, who, according to hubner, can still perceive the frequencies of some bat species. And that's where the blessing of modern technology comes into play. The so-called bat detector makes the calls emitted by the bats at night audible to us by means of conversion. It is amazing how the small batmans hunt their prey by sophisticated echolocation. As the participants walk along the cycle path in the direction of oberbrunn, the detector suddenly emits a noise that sounds like smacking. "Now that was a coarse evening swift, which is characteristic for this species", hubner clarifies and provides with a comparison to the human horwelt for astonished faces: "on our frequency the call of the coarse evening glider sounded like a jackhammer." hunting high in the air, the animals have to acoustically overprint rough spaces to locate their prey.
Not all bats are the same, the participants learn. This starts with the coarse – from the tiny dwarf bat to the coarse mouse-eared bat, which specializes mainly in running oats and has a wingspan of around 40 centimeters – and is also reflected in the call of the respective species reproduced by the bat detector. Hubner's work has naturally given him a keen ear – and a little later he is able to announce the next good news: the "plopping noise" from the detector came from a specimen of said dwarf bat. A barred bat and a rough-skinned bat were also on the prowl that evening.

"Stumbling blocks, those square brass plates, only about ten centimeters in size, are part of a european memorial and art project. They commemorate the expulsion and extermination of the jews, the politically persecuted and other victims of national socialism. In germany and 20 countries, over 61000 of these memorial plaques have now been placed on roads and bursts, and their number is increasing. The artist and initiator gunter demnig is already assigning installation dates for 2018. In the summer of next year it could also happen in lichtenfels.

A corresponding resolution of the main committee has been in place since the end of may. The committee, consisting of the mayor and ten city council members, unanimously approved the laying of "stolpersteine" (stumbling stones) in the public space. In the meantime there are four commitments for donations bound to this purpose. A "stumbling block costs 120 euros. Since in each case the first at a place the artist himself publishes, is for this the financial auand more roughly.

Altburgermeister – that’s the title with which the former mayor of marktbreit, erich hegwein, has been allowed to adorn himself since thursday evening. In a ceremony in the warehouse, which was delayed by about half a year due to the corona, the city said goodbye to its former mayor and five city council members who are no longer represented in the new body.

Only briefly the role of the new mayor, harald kopp, who took over the moderation of the evening and at the end the awarding of the honor. The tribute to hegwein’s achievement was left to his longtime deputy, herbert biebelriether, who framed his laudation under the motto: "he who likes something finds ways" put.

Who drives through the christmas decorated pinzberg, does not suspect, which christmas are in the houses. For example in the kapellenstrabe 43 with the family hornig, where an admirable christmas crib is to be found. It's really worth stopping here.

Previously, the family had lived in hausen for rent. Already there, as the gifted tinkerer heinrich hornig recounts, he began to build cribs. As a mason he had more time in winter. He had already succeeded in building his first crib, which gradually became his passion. "The cellar was cold. But that couldn't stop him", recalls his wife franziska. In 1999 they moved into their new house in pinzberg. A rough niche in the living room was already designated as a place for the manger. A lot of work goes into the invisible base that has to support the crib, explains the hobbyist.

Life writes the roughest dramaturgy: just a few weeks ago, the board of directors of the home association had discussed the course of the annual meeting with horst ruhnau, who was in poor health. Now ruhnau had died even before the meeting.
As second chairman hermann weidner explained at the beginning of the annual meeting, the aim is to continue the home association in the spirit of the late. Ruhnau was chairman for ten years.
In the coming years, the focus will continue to be on the care of the lichtenstein castle ruins, keeping the paths and the grounds clean, and the time-consuming work on the display cases. 20 years ago, an agreement was reached with the district of habberge, the owner of the castle ruins. Furthermore, the history of the nearby homeland, the culture, the experience of nature and the visit of castles and palaces were on the program as before. In addition, they want to pay a visit to the basilica of vierzehnheiligen.
Because the board of directors was elected for two years in 2017, there will be an early election of the new chairman this year, weidner said. Until then, he will lead the club provisionally. Mayor ralf nowak thanked the heimatverein especially for the service in the castle ruin lichtenstein.
The suggestion of uli kuhn to organize a photo competition for a local calendar will be discussed in the board of directors and will be presented to the public if this is feasible. 

metzner company: agreement only before the administrative court

In the end, everything fell into place. At first, it did not seem as if the district administration and the company matthaus metzner would be able to come to an agreement before the administrative court (VG) of bayreuth regarding their dispute about the correct operation of a gravel pit near pettstadt, but then there was a surprising turn of events. After all, it was about threatened fines in the total amount of 47.500 euros, which according to government councillor christina romig had become at least partially fallible.

They had been imposed in the course of the past year because the company – according to the authorities – had not only stored material piles too close to the rough ebrach, but also at a biotope puddle. In addition, a deep water zone was partially filled and the proof of a residual yield area was not properly maintained.

In the second quarter, people in germany put more money aside in the wake of the corona crisis and benefited from the recovery on the stock markets. In total, they were richer than ever at the end of june. According to the deutsche bundesbank, the financial assets of private households in the form of cash, securities, bank deposits and claims against insurance companies rose to a record level of around 6630 billion euros. 253 billion euros, or 4.0 percent, more than in the first quarter of the year.

Savings and shares

In addition to savings, the recovery on the stock markets after the price collapse at the beginning of the crisis also drove the development. "The valuation losses on equities in the previous quarter triggered by the pandemic and uncertainty about its economic consequences were largely compensated for", the bundesbank explained on friday.

In the next few days, the weather will be muddy instead of spring feeling

In the next few days, people in germany will have to adjust to dingy weather instead of a spring feeling. As the german weather service (DWD) announced this saturday in offenbach, rain showers are moving over the country again and again.

On sunday, only lower bavaria and lausitz will be spared from the storms. The sun will shine for a long time. Particularly in the west, however, there will be showers, which will also reach the middle of germany in the afternoon. Where it doesn’t rain, it’s usually very cloudy. The highs range from seven degrees by the sea to 20 degrees by fohn in the alps.