Could Higher Interest Rates Improve Our Housing Market?

The interest rates have been gradually increasing over the past month, and with that change has come a sense of urgency. Many families have expressed a sense of urgency to pay off as many bills as they can, and in addition they have also made hardcore decisions about their

How to Maximize Your Interest Yields in a Low-Interest-Rate World

At least for now, gone are the days of earning a solid 5-percent interest rate in money market accounts or certificates of deposit. However, there are some still things you can do to help maximize your interest rate on cash stashed away for a rainy day. First and foremost,

How a Savings Account Has Benefitted Our Family

One of our financial goals last year was to build up a savings account while simultaneously paying down our consumer debt. By cutting costs and working overtime, we were able to save nearly $5000 which has made a huge difference in how money flows in and out of our

Save Money: Small Changes Yield Big Payout

  In today’s economy I’ve been looking for ways to save money and I’ve decided to give up these money wasters. Admittedly, I won’t be perfect but even if I give them up half the time I will save $7281 per year. #1: Giving up a storage unit will

Feds Cut Interest Rates After Economic Stumble

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The Fed has cut the key interest rate by ¾ of a point in order to hold off a world wide global meltdown. Obviously minds that are far superior to mine have decided that this move along with a mammoth economic stimulus package, is the key to pushing our

The Recent Federal Cut in Interest Rates: Is it Enough to Keep a Recession at Bay?

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Long before the Feds decided to cut the interest rate, I was having concerns about our economy. I know I wasn't alone. Articles abounded, with doomsayers predicting a major recession. I kept a close eye on what was happening in my city and across the nation and didn't like

Fed Cuts Interest Rates; Too Little, Too Late?

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Today the fed announced a key interest rate cut of ¾'s of a percent, but is it too little, too late? In a hastily arranged teleconference, the feds approved by an 8-1 margin an interest rate cut before their regularly scheduled meeting next week. It was an effort to

Interest Rates as an Economic Indicator

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Interest represents the cost of borrowing money. Thus, interest rates are the price of money. An interest rate, also referred to as a yield, is the annualized percentage that interest is of the principal of the loan. The level of interest rates for different loans reflects the length and

Ways to Negotiate Lower Interest Rates

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Wouldn't lower interest rates on your credit cards just make your day? Depending on how much you owe, it might even be better than a raise in pay! It could be yours just for the asking. Most credit card companies want to keep your business. You don't have to

Is it Okay to Use an Online Savings Account?

The internet has made the front end business of retail a lot less expensive. They no longer have to pay for shelf stockers, clerks, cashiers, managers, shelf space, utilities and the like. They can all do this through a simple web front now. Because companies can save so money