Viereth-trunstadt was the first municipality in the bamberg district to receive an education profile with detailed information about the framework conditions and current educational activities in the municipality. The 28-page collection of facts was compiled in the education office of the bamberg district office. If district administrator johann kalb (CSU) has his way, educational profiles like this one will be used not only in viereth-trunstadt, but soon in other towns and communities in the district to make educational policy decisions at the local level.
"Our county residents not only have a right to education – education is also an essential factor for economic development and social integration", said kalb in a press release. In order to develop the educational landscape in the best possible way, detailed knowledge of the framework conditions and current educational events in the municipality is indispensable, says the district administrator.
The education profile for viereth-trunstadt not only analyzes the framework conditions for population structure, employment, economic sectors and commuting movements, but also provides information on early childhood, school and vocational education.
The district of bamberg has set itself the task of actively shaping education. The hub for this is the education office in the district office, which was set up last fall as part of the "integrated education" program is financed by the federal government and the european union. Ramona wenzel is responsible for preparing the education reports: "the management of education is particularly accurate when it is based on up-to-date data. With the help of education monitoring, we provide viereth-trunstadt with the necessary tools to make informed education policy decisions. For example, the municipality has been able to respond quickly and efficiently to the need for early childhood care, creating both new daycare and after-school care places."
The educational profile can be downloaded as a document from the homepage of the district office and the municipality of viereth-trunstadt.

Anger free on Sundays

More money in the city's coffers, more chances of finding a free parking space on the anger: to achieve these goals, the city council decided last fall that parking on the anger would be subject to a fee. Since mid november, parking for half an hour costs 50 cents; from two hours to 24 hours, 2.50 euros.
From the beginning of the year until the end of march, around 63000 euros in parking fees were collected. This means that the target of 250000 euros per year is achievable, said kai holland from the public order department at yesterday's city council meeting. Although the anger is occupied between 40 and 60 days a year because of spring and guard festivals, circus guest performances and other events.

Every day still many free parking spaces

Free wuste or parking for a fee?

The gravel parking lot at the bleichwasen was built before the small garden show in 2011. In the meantime, it has developed into a heavily used visitor and commuter parking lot. But there is one problem that the CSU faction in the city council now wants to tackle.

In dry weather, the land in sthashausen is a dust dessert, in rain it is a mud flat covered with plaster. "In both cases, the space is not reasonably usable," writes the CSU. Trucks blocking parts of the square.

If everything goes according to plan, construction work on the facility will begin right after the end of the 2018 swimming season, explains the head of the municipal utility, stephan proschold. Ideally, the project will be completed at the beginning of the 2019 season.

Winter weather is decisive

according to proschold, whether this will work depends above all on favorable weather conditions in winter.

Marco meissner with a loud hiss pushes a substance out of the spruher. What at first glance looks like a steam radiator is actually a device that applies plaster. A craftsman works his way meter by meter along the wall in the corridor of the old VHS building, while his colleague follows him and smoothes out the freshly applied layer.

"We are using lime plaster in the old building area," explains, explains gregor fischer of the architects’ office spindler+. This has a good reason. "It is somewhat more difficult to work with, but is most compatible with the old building fabric." fischer thinks of the dampness that likes to stay in old walls. So plastering on a gypsum base would have been a problem. In addition, the lime plaster creates a better indoor climate.

Chamberman christian bertleff presented his medium-term financial planning to the adelsdorf community council on wednesday evening. Among other things, 2.5 million euros have been earmarked for the kindergarten expansion, and another 16,000 euros have been budgeted for the skater facility.

The meeting continued with a bang when it came to approving the budget and staffing plan for 2019, when everything seemed to be in place. Jorg bubel (SPD) took the floor and read out a three-page statement in which he was concerned, among other things, with the increase in administrative positions. He referred to a 2015 report that predicted a staff increase of 7.5 jobs, but the actual increase was 16.5 jobs. In addition, the increase in debt to around 17.3 million euros by the end of 2022 seemed unacceptable to him. He also made no secret of the fact that he would explain the activities in the area of planned investments in connection with the upcoming municipal elections.

"This year the flu epidemic is particularly severe. Of course, the blood donor service is also feeling the effects – many people who otherwise donate regularly are prevented from doing so due to the infection," explains schneider, says dominik schneider, deputy head of the BRK-bereitschaft sonnefeld (german red cross). For this reason, the blood donation date at the domane sonnefeld last thursday was also advertised particularly intensively via facebook. "Together with the blood donor service of the bavarian red cross, we organize four events a year that take place in the sonnefeld domain, and around 20 helpers are involved each time, reports the schneider.

Almost anyone can donate

almost anyone who is at least 18 and no more than 68 years old can donate blood. "Of course there are some exclusion criteria. Those who have recently been abroad or regularly take certain medications, for example, are not accepted as donors", schneider explains and adds: "before the donation, a questionnaire must be filled out. This is followed by a consultation with a doctor from the blood donor service, usually there are even two or three doctors on site." before you can start, your blood pressure and iron level are checked. The donation itself takes about 15 minutes.

The twelfth advent concert of the dankenfeld music society in the church of "maria himmelfahrt" was an ideal way to get in the mood for advent. In addition to the main orchestra, the junior orchestra of kirchaich-dankenfeld also performed at the musical event. Both ensembles are led by conductor jutta diroll.
The retired pastor ewald thoma accompanied the musical program with contemplative texts. He urged people to focus on the real meaning of advent and christmas. Many people "do without religion" today. But we need the salvation. Why else is our world so hopeless today??", he asked. In all the commercialism that develops around the birth of christ today, we forget that advent, all sundays and holidays are blessings of our religion", the priest admonished. And the clergyman called on the audience to celebrate christmas in a way that makes them aware of what happened back then "because christmas is a bridge between yesterday and today, between heaven and earth, between time and eternity".
Rough sounds formed the concertante part, which ended with "french carol" , a variation on "gloria in excelsis deo, was opened. And so classical german christmas melodies alternated with the title from the movie "the da vinci code" or "kiss me, hold me, love me" from the christmas classic "three hazel-nuts for ash-brodel.
The junior orchestra conjured up with "christmas spirit the spirit of christmas and wished "feliz navidad after jose feliciano. There was a lot of applause for all actors after "happy christmas – war is over".

agreement to curb mercury leakage worldwide

Germany and many other countries signed an agreement in minamata, japan, to reduce global mercury emissions. According to the "minamata convention", it will, among other things, be generally forbidden from 2020 to produce or sell products containing mercury, such as various batteries, cosmetics, thermometers or certain light bulbs.

The treaty will enter into force when at least 50 of the more than 110 signatory countries have ratified it. According to representatives of the UN environment program (unep), this could take three to five years. In addition to germany, brazil, china, south africa, mexico and the EU have also signed the new environmental agreement.

World’s oldest woman to serve as sign of hope for tokyo olympics organizers. At the age of 118 years, kane tanaka died on 11. May 2021 to carry the olympic torch on the way to the summer games in japan’s capital city.

That’s how far the optimism of the planners for the ring spectacle, which has been postponed for a year, goes these days. Despite the sharp rise in the number of corona infections in many countries, doubts about the feasibility of outstanding qualification competitions and the cost risks, the host and the IOC are pressing ahead with preparations for the olympic games.