Old and new find together

Marco meissner with a loud hiss pushes a substance out of the spruher. What at first glance looks like a steam radiator is actually a device that applies plaster. A craftsman works his way meter by meter along the wall in the corridor of the old VHS building, while his colleague follows him and smoothes out the freshly applied layer.

"We are using lime plaster in the old building area," explains, explains gregor fischer of the architects’ office spindler+. This has a good reason. "It is somewhat more difficult to work with, but is most compatible with the old building fabric." fischer thinks of the dampness that likes to stay in old walls. So plastering on a gypsum base would have been a problem. In addition, the lime plaster creates a better indoor climate.

Kilometers of cables

The old building will retain most of its old school layout, which was divided into the classrooms of the time, i.E. Four coarser rooms per floor. What is new, however, are the tens of kilometers of cables that now crisscross the building. The modern technology that an educational institution needs today made them necessary. The new heating concept is also modern. The energy is generated in an environmentally friendly way by a geothermal system, and is emitted via radiant ceiling panels. As contemporary as the building will be after the renovation, those responsible are nevertheless paying close attention to the preservation of its historical features. "The old entrance door comes back in. It is currently being prepared", explains district chamberlain gunther daum. "It is a decorative piece!", adds fischer. But they also point out the partially historic windows that have been reinstalled. And the staircase, which is being restored, is still adorned with the decades-old signpost to the director’s office.

Energetic renovation

The building is being renovated to be as energy-efficient as an old building can be. Even better will be the standard of the new building, whose glazed facade, like the stone facade of the old building, now looks almost finished. Some muntin elements against the sun and for the optics are still attached however.

Inside is already worked on the fubboden. The elevator, which contributes to the barrier-free accessibility of the entire building, has also already been installed.

That is why daum and fischer are still confident that they will be able to keep to the schedule. "We are sticking to our goal of having the 2020 spring semester begin here", emphasizes. However, there could be no more delays "because we have no more reserves".

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