Obstetricians celebrate birthday

The "restless cats" were the obstetricians. Without them there would be no thriving rockabilly scene in frankenwald and upper main valley. For 30 years they have stood on the boards that mean the world.

Tomorrow, saturday, 20. October, everything that has rank and name in local rock’n’roll meets at cafe kitsch for a rough birthday party starting at 7 p.M.

The three stray cats from the frankenwald and the upper main valley celebrate with their rock ‘n ‘roll offspring not only their stage anniversary, but also the release of their new double album "rocking my way& live in jail".

Attitude to life

Guitarist rainer loffler still wears his great, the sign of every rock’n’roller, with pride, even at over 50 years of age. "Rock’n’roll is a way of life for me. Why should it change in old age when i have gray hair and wrinkles?", says the stockheimer.

And sanger and bassist andreas mainz from wustbuch says: "rock ‘n’ roll is about not hiding, speaking your mind and being sincere." duck mousing is far from the musicians’ minds. They prefer to keep it with the american writer henry david thoreau, who is considered a prophet of civil disobedience. His motto "disobedience is the basis of freedom – the obedient are the slaves" is printed in the booklet of the current CD is also her life motto.

The boys did not let their rebellious backbone be bent when they gave a memorable and much acclaimed concert in the bayreuth correctional facility in 2014. "I don’t listen to this and i don’t listen to that and i don’t listen to rules.", they sounded it loudly behind swedish curtains. Didn’t this line of text make the present law enforcement officers drop their jaws?? "The wardens flinched a bit at the first moment", answers mainz. But on the whole, they had looked past it with a smile. Excerpts from her concert can be found on her 24 track double album.

"We started our career right away with success", loffler looks back on the early days of the band.

First appearance in meschenbach

The first performance took place in march 1988 in a discotheque in meschenbach. Like wildfire, word had spread around the region about how good the new group is. "In the tettau festival hall we were allowed to play in front of 2000 people as the opening act of the spider murphy gang. That was already a great honor for us as a young band", loffler tells proudly. Mainz, loffler and drummer erwin speigel from bad staffelstein, the third in the group, have been around a lot in the three decades they have been together.

But the best place for them is at home, where the fans are already going along with them after the first few notes. "In kronach you can do the hottest things" sing the musicians inbrunstig in their song "kronach roots rock ‘n’ roll" from your current double album.

The trio also wants a horny number on the 20th. October at the rough jubilee festival at cafe "kitsch turning in kronach. "There will be plenty of surprises", promises loffler.

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