Not only rain: the weather in france for this week

On tuesday, the sun will shine intermittently and it is expected to remain dry for the time being, according to herzogenaurach weather expert stefan ochs. Rain showers in the evening. A maximum of 22 degrees is reached. Weak to moderate winds blowing from varying directions.

In the night to wednesday and on wednesday further rain showers and also isolated thunderstorms come through. From time to time, there are coarser cloud clearings. A maximum of 21 degrees will be reached. Fresh west wind blows past boen.

Thursday will be mostly cloudy with isolated rain showers. Only 17 degrees will be reached. The weak to moderate wind blows from the west.

On friday there will be a short warm-air-insertion, so that the temperatures will rise up to 22 degrees. Possibly it comes already to first rainfalls. Because: the autumn is just around the corner. A powerful central low moves to the north sea on saturday and at its southern edge cool atlantic air flows to us.

Saturday and sunday will be cloudy to overcast with intermittent rainfall. A maximum of 16 degrees will be reached. The west wind freshens strongly in boen.

The night to wednesday will be mild with a minimum of 15 degrees. Afterwards the nightly lowest temperatures go back on 7 degrees.

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