Norbert paul hoards up

Ingrid weingartner was elected as the new chairwoman of the demand group of the saaletal school in bad kissingen and hammelburg at the annual general meeting. She succeeds special school principal norbert paul, who is retiring in february 2019 and therefore did not run again. The executive committee also includes joachim wehner (2), a student councilor in the ford school service. Chairman) and isabelle richl (3. Chairman).
In her speech, ingrid weingartner described her predecessor as a conner and gonner, who has been the main leader of the association since 2004. Norbert paul succeeded in keeping the association alive over all these years with the help of well-known sponsors, demand funds and income from the school's own flea market sales, which in turn enabled the association to achieve a number of goals for the benefit of the schoolchildren. She also wants to keep the many activities alive, especially the flea market, promised ingrid weingartner.

Lunchtime care

the goals of the association, to dedicate itself to the auberschulischen demand of children and young people with special-pedagogical demand need, were particularly realized in the context of the midday care of the saaletal school, explained norbert paul. The care group was led by an educator and a trainee, whom the association was able to hire and support financially.

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