Newsletter to be free in future

Newsletter to be free in future

The schwarzach community newsletter will be distributed free of charge to all households in the future.

This was decided by the municipal council in its most recent meeting, after mayor volker schmitt addressed the problems with the paper. Until now, the paper cost 14 euros a year for the subscriber. From 2018, the parish office will no longer take over the coordination of the weekly leaflet, but the community.

Therefore, the delivery must also be changed. In the future, the contractors had to be adults or young people over the age of 14, whom the municipality had to employ on a low-income basis. In addition, the parish had to do the work of registration, ongoing maintenance of the occupants, as well as the collection and tracking of fees. That meant an enormous administrative burden. So far, delivery has cost 3705 euros.

Mayor schmitt presented figures on the amount that the community had to pay each year. The printing came to 13,458 euros a year with the most favorable provider, the four-tower printing company. The company prospega gmbh from bad kissingen, which already distributes the brochures in the local areas, took over the distribution. Here an amount of 2088 euro was created.

After a brief discussion, the committee voted unanimously in favor of the administration’s proposal to distribute the newspaper free of charge in the future.

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