Masks and more schulers – start of the next corona phase

masks and more schulers - start of the next corona phase

In addition to tickets, masks are now compulsory on buses and trains – more children are starting to come to daycare centers and schools again: with further relaxation of the corona restrictions, additional rules to protect against infection have also taken effect for millions of citizens since monday.

However, there was still no threat of a subsidy at the start of the project. However, there is still a need for clarification for other areas such as church services and also for the next stages of school openings.

Masks compulsory: after saxony led the way, most countries followed suit on monday: burghers must wear mouth and nose protection on public transport, usually also when shopping. Scarves or kerchiefs are also accepted. In frankfurt am main, 10,000 masks should be distributed in the city center. "If we want to get a grip on the corona pandemic, there’s no way around compulsory school attendance," said oberburg mayor peter feldmann (SPD). The transport company mainzer mobilitat also distributed 1200 disposable masks.

In saxony the duty seems to work. The leipzig public order office has checked for compliance at a dozen stops around the city in recent days, city spokesman matthias hasberg said on monday. According to the report, about 90 percent of all passengers comply with the mandatory wearing of masks. "There were stops, there were 80 percent. There were also some, where everyone had a mask on."Bubgeld bei verstob does not exist in saxony.

Federal transport minister andreas scheuer (CSU) advocates mandatory protective masks for long-distance travel as well, for example in ICE and intercity trains. This is what he wants to propose for the federal government’s discussion with the minister presidents this week. He also believes that the citizens are prepared to do so. It is also necessary to think about the possibility of maintaining the open railroad system without the obligation to make reservations.

BUSH FINES: most countries are holding back on sanctions – at least for the time being. Berlin and saxony-anhalt say there are no penalties, and compliance with the mask requirement is not monitored. North rhine-westphalia leaves the size of the fine up to the municipal regulatory authorities. Bavaria, on the other hand, is strict – the lack of mouth and nose protection on buses, trains and trains will result in a fine of 150 euros. For shopkeepers who do not make sure that their staff wears masks, a 5000 euro fine is foreseen.

In baden-wurttemberg, a 15-euro fine is to apply to "mask sinners" after an initial week of living without penalties. Transport minister winfried hermann (grune) said on monday that people need not be afraid in trains because of the compulsory wearing of masks: "we are more afraid that people who were previously on public transport will get back into their cars."In the case there is a double damage with environmental pollution and corona pandemic.

SCHOOLS AND KITAS: in the past week, in about half of the lander, the first students returned to school, but only final classes for examinations or preparations for examinations. On monday, the next stage in almost all other countries: for high school graduates, vocational school students and students about to graduate from intermediate school.

For the schoolchildren, many things are different from what they are used to. Classrooms and schoolyards should also be as close as possible to 1.50 meters from each other. Regular hand washing is compulsory. New rules also apply to the use of toilets. Example berlin: according to the "model hygiene plan," at least during breaks, a teacher is supposed to check that – depending on the size of the toilet – only individual students are in the sanitary facilities at any given time.

The conference of ministers of education wanted to meet on monday to discuss the further procedure. From 4. May is also the start date in most countries for the oldest elementary school students and for students who will graduate in the next school year. In some places, emergency care in daycare centers was extended on monday – to other occupational groups and to single parents.

Bavaria wants to present its own concepts for easing the corona restrictions, including for kindergartens and schools, by next week. "Actually, the goal should be that before whitsun, every student has been back to school at least once," said minister president markus soder (CSU). He pointed to many clever concepts under discussion, such as time-shifted teaching or reduction to core subjects.

CHURCHES: many believers miss celebrating church services. Possibilities are still being discussed. The federal government emphasized that the religious communities had shown themselves to be "very responsible and very aware of the problem". The corona cabinet has "adopted" a framework concept for the cautious revival of religious life in germany, as the interior ministry explained. This should now be the basis for decisions at the next bund-lander conference this thursday. The christian churches have already published recommendations to congregations for services in corona times. They provide, among other things, for a limited number of participants.

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