Later … Or better yet?

As different as our lives may be, one thing is the same for all of us: we have been wanting to do things for a long time: paste the new photos, read the gift book, file the paid bills, put away the old catalogs, sort out the boxes in the attic, fix the dripping faucet. Oh yes, finally make the promised visit, write the postponed letter and go to the preventive check-up.
We wanted. For sure. Just not right now. Later. Sometimes there is still something on the soul that needed to be put in order. Giving back something that doesn't belong to you. I apologize for the bad word that slipped out of my mouth. At last the hand of reward.
Yes, I'm sure. Later. "Later, when is that?", asks the hit man.
In the historic reichssaal in the old city hall of regensburg you can still see the "long bench", on which they put the files that were not done yet. They were shifted there, for later, because new, also still to be settled came in addition.
The biblical "rich grain farmer did not plan anything bad when, after a plentiful harvest, he decided to rub down his barns and build coarser ones. He just didn't reckon with the fact that he wouldn't have any time left because his time was up.
No more time, not even for the most important thing. Jesus says: "he was rich, but not rich with god." this his relationship to god maybe he wanted to clear occasionally also still. Later.
Many things can always be postponed. To later. Although it was good, it was finally done. Some things should be tackled better right away, for example.B. As long as the children are in the house and the old parents are still alive. Not just sorting out discarded catalogs. Or bringing relationships into order. Also the relationship with god. Only unimportant things will take care of themselves in time. That's why the bible says: buy out time while you have it.

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