Last attempt to save the pond

Implementation of the partnership square plan continues to progress. However, the building committee did not agree with eon's offer that the power distribution cabinet should cost around 8000 euros. Rudi gumtow (SPD) put it in a nutshell: "we don't want to hold an oktoberfest on the square." in plain language: the eon is to create an offer that is tailored to demand. Maximum cost of electricity is 2000 euros, according to the rate. The administration is now to try to obtain a much more favorable offer.

With empty pipes

There was at least agreement that the fixed-space distribution cabinet should be located behind the future brunnenstein in the direction of the grundstuck bar. As the head of the building yard, detlef hartlein, pointed out, empty pipes are also to be laid in order to make the work easier for future festivities.

Creek piping costs 20 000 euro

The complete renewal of the piping of the geiersbach in the area of the strabenzug "am wald" is urgently needed held in gossenreuth. The 60-meter-long section will cost around 20,000 euros to build. The administration is now to solicit offers.
At the suggestion of matthias bohm (CSU), the spruce hedge at the open-air swimming pool will be removed and replaced by a hornbeam hedge.

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