Jorg bubel rejects the budget

Chamberman christian bertleff presented his medium-term financial planning to the adelsdorf community council on wednesday evening. Among other things, 2.5 million euros have been earmarked for the kindergarten expansion, and another 16,000 euros have been budgeted for the skater facility.

The meeting continued with a bang when it came to approving the budget and staffing plan for 2019, when everything seemed to be in place. Jorg bubel (SPD) took the floor and read out a three-page statement in which he was concerned, among other things, with the increase in administrative positions. He referred to a 2015 report that predicted a staff increase of 7.5 jobs, but the actual increase was 16.5 jobs. In addition, the increase in debt to around 17.3 million euros by the end of 2022 seemed unacceptable to him. He also made no secret of the fact that he would explain the activities in the area of planned investments in connection with the upcoming municipal elections.

Gunter munch is annoyed

Mayor karsten fischkal listened to the accusations in silence and then said: "i don't know what to say". Then he explained "the chamberer has pointed out several times in every meeting how the debt comes about." he justified the increase in jobs with the number of inhabitants soon to be 9000. "We need good staffing levels. If you have good staffing, you can offer good quality." regarding the planned construction projects, he said, "we want to build something that is really future-oriented. For me this is a kind of future budget."

Gunter munch () was annoyed and called bubel's speech "one populist speech". In the subsequent vote, bubel was the only person to refuse to approve both the budget statutes and the budget and staffing plans.

"Defis" also for the local areas

Calm returned when it came to the motion of the seniors' advisory council, which advocates the procurement of early defibrillators, which had to be accessible to every citizen. Fischkal was immediately on fire for the idea. The cost per aircraft is around 1500 euros. "It would make sense to install a device in each of the local areas as well", said local spokesman tim scheppe and made a motion to this effect.

Fischkal explained that both the adelsdorf fire department and the one in lauf have a "defi" but the aischer wehr did not. "Kammerer", he said "can't we get a 'defi' for the fire department in aisch this year??", whereupon bertleff nodded in agreement. Thus, the acquisition of three defibrillators was approved. In addition, interested citizens should be given the opportunity to receive training so that they know what to do in an emergency.

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