Jakub sramek – from miracle mare to top scorer

Jakub sramek - from miracle mare to top scorer

Although the habfurt hawks in the ice hockey regional league won on 6. January still to play the game at ESC vilshofen. And maybe it will be decided there whether they will finish the preliminary round of group 1 on the first, second or maybe third place. For martin reichert, however, this aspect plays no role in his interim assessment of the season. For him is certain: "the preliminary round has gone well", even after the bitter home defeat against moosburg shortly before christmas, the trainer is fully satisfied. "Despite the injury of david franek we reached the interlocking round without any problems."

ESC relies on high performers

The sylbacher hopes now "with all players healthy and fit" into the "second half to be able to start. "Then everything can be possible." no matter who the opponents are, one thing is clear to him: "the goal is always to win the games and finish among the top three teams in the group." which in turn depends on several factors, including the timely return of franek (reichert: "he must also be in good shape").

In addition, there should be no more absences or serious injuries – especially of the performance. And among them are also the four ESC contingent players. Above all, top scorer jakub sramek made a significant contribution to the success so far. In the meantime, the attacker has already surpassed his great result of the previous year (19 games, 36 goals, 34 assists) after exactly 19 games. So far, the czech has scored 40 times and also provided 34 assists. This is by far the best and most effective performance by a contingent player in the club’s history.

Not only him, but also his compatriots daniel hora, the best provider in the team, the equally dangerous jan trubenekr (54 points) as well as the slovak michal babkovic (34), the club wants to sign on. "Naturally, we as ESC habfurt are anxious to keep these four outstanding players", confirms spokesman for the board andreas kurz. But at the same time, he warns against overly high expectations, because the often solvent "competition" do not sleep. "Whether we will be able to keep the four of them is another story. Offers from high-class clubs are also not missed out on for such players", the habfurt native is realistic.

However, there is one major plus point in favor of staying – no matter in which league: "i know that the four are smart and appreciate the good environment, as well as the secure jobs. And if you feel good, then that must be topped first of all."

For reichert, "in principle, all commitments are a stroke of luck" been. "Both as people and as players, they have complemented each other and brought the team forward", he is pleased about the good team cohesion. He is aware that the benchmark for auben is "always success, of course" is one that "leaves no room for doubt" let. "Exactly two years ago, our goal was to stay in the league. Today we are trying to move up to the bavarian league."

Will he stay or will he go?

Sramek has played an immense part in this, and reichert agrees: "for me, jakub is the outstanding player in this league. He embodies everything you could wish for in an athlete. His vision, stickhandling, shooting and running skills are outstanding", emphasizes the 54-year-old.

"With his ability to read the game and the opponent, to be there at exactly the right moment, to want to decide the game, and at the same time to keep an eye on the other player, that’s just something to see." and also the attitude of the czech halt reichert "in all areas" for outstanding. "This starts with the food, continues with the preparation for the season and the respective game. That’s what makes an athlete: to be focused, to play his best field hockey and to do everything for it. All this can be seen in every second with jakub."

Sramek, who in his 64 appearances so far has 209 scoring points (102 goals) and an average of 3.26 points per game, came to the ESC by a stroke of luck. "A friend had given me the tip. After several contacts, jakub came to habfurt for a trial training session", reichert remembers the first exhibition game. After the second week of training, it was clear to him: "we can’t let jakub go without a contract. That it has worked out, he remains another season and hopefully several more in habfurt, is to wish the fans and the ESC."

Sramek leaves future open

Will the 25-year-old, who had a one-year break before his premiere season at the stadion am groben anger and was previously active in litvinov in the czech extraliga, also stay in habfurt in the 2019/2020 season or not? His answer leaves sramek open and keeps completely to the words of the "fubball-kaiser" franz beckenbauer: "let’s see" in any case, leaves much room for speculation. A plus point for staying is the very high feel-good factor.

The czech confirms that he has taken not only the club, but also the district town, where he lives and works at a large company, very much to heart. "The people are very friendly and that helps me to feel comfortable here.". But understandably he did not want to commit himself. "I do not know what will happen. We’ll see what the future brings."

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