In the spirit of christmas

The twelfth advent concert of the dankenfeld music society in the church of "maria himmelfahrt" was an ideal way to get in the mood for advent. In addition to the main orchestra, the junior orchestra of kirchaich-dankenfeld also performed at the musical event. Both ensembles are led by conductor jutta diroll.
The retired pastor ewald thoma accompanied the musical program with contemplative texts. He urged people to focus on the real meaning of advent and christmas. Many people "do without religion" today. But we need the salvation. Why else is our world so hopeless today??", he asked. In all the commercialism that develops around the birth of christ today, we forget that advent, all sundays and holidays are blessings of our religion", the priest admonished. And the clergyman called on the audience to celebrate christmas in a way that makes them aware of what happened back then "because christmas is a bridge between yesterday and today, between heaven and earth, between time and eternity".
Rough sounds formed the concertante part, which ended with "french carol" , a variation on "gloria in excelsis deo, was opened. And so classical german christmas melodies alternated with the title from the movie "the da vinci code" or "kiss me, hold me, love me" from the christmas classic "three hazel-nuts for ash-brodel.
The junior orchestra conjured up with "christmas spirit the spirit of christmas and wished "feliz navidad after jose feliciano. There was a lot of applause for all actors after "happy christmas – war is over".

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