High damage in house fire in schweinfurt

High damage in house fire in schweinfurt

A fire caused extensive property damage to a residential building near the main train station in schweinfurt on friday evening. The four residents all escaped unharmed. According to initial findings, the fire could have been started by a candle, the schweinfurt police reported. Further investigations were carried out during the night by the criminal investigation department taken over.

The fire had been discovered shortly before 22 o’clock by a neighbor. The man had then immediately made an emergency call. At the same time, a resident of the family home in bayernstrabe had also become aware of the flames in the attic. All four people who were in the house at the time were able to escape into the open in time.

When the schweinfurt fire department arrived, flames were already leaping from the windows of the house from the windows of the house. The police had previously arrested the owners of parked cars, in order to reduce the space available for the intervention of the vehicles vergrobern. Despite their rapid deployment, the firefighting teams were unable to prevent the attic from burning out completely. According to initial conservative estimates, the damage to property could amount to at least 80.000 euros amount.

Still in the night officers of the criminal investigation department schweinfurt came to the fire place. According to the evidence available so far, there is much to suggest that a burning candle was the cause of the fire in the apartment building. The investigation of the criminal police continues.

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