Happy faces in priesendorf

Happy faces in priesendorf

For the tenth time, the political community of priesendorf invited guests to the new year's reception at the community center in kulm. Mayor maria beck (CSU) not only buried the honorary guests on this occasion – among them dean albert muller, pastor i. R. Ewald thoma, andrea friedrich, theresa schwarzmann, ehrenburger willi troster, all the municipal councillors and club chairmen as well as the chairmen of the fire departments – but it also gave a warm welcome to all those who had done voluntary work in the municipality of priesendorf in the past year. After all, it is thanks to the volunteers that a rich cultural life is possible in this community and that everyone can feel accepted and welcome. It is therefore a fine tradition to look back at the beginning of a new year and to thank the volunteers for their work.

Special mention should also be made of local councillor manfred dutsch, who is now in his 10th year of office. Who, for the first time, took care of the organization of hospitality for the guests at the end of the ceremony.

A new year's reception always offers the opportunity to look back on the past year. And looking back, mayor beck assessed the year 2018 as quite successful: despite the relatively small budget, which the municipality has, it managed – as in previous years – to further reduce the per capita debt. At around 350 euros, it is now well below the national average. This was possible, although in the municipality also some coarser projects were realized, first of all the renovation of the schindsgasse, which was possible without apportioning the costs to the residents. A plot of land was also purchased in the vicinity of the cemetery, in order to have land available in the future for the construction of a blessing hall. As rough projects, which come in the near future on the municipality, the mayoress mentioned above all the reorganization of the school gymnasium as well as the planning of new building areas in priesendorf and neuhausen.

Dean albert muller, who as parish administrator is also responsible for the church community st. Bartholomaus priesendorf is responsible for the new year's address. He pointed out that there has been a separation of church and state in germany since the time of bismarck, but that this separation is not practiced so consistently. And that doesn't have to be the case, because if people in the political community were also guided by the spirit of love for the neighbor in the upcoming decisions, then our world would certainly be a friendlier place.

The catholic christians in priesendorf will be facing certain changes in the near future, dean muller reported, as the pastoral area st. Marien im steigerwald will be merged with other parishes until it will eventually be as large as the current deanery of burgebrach. With all these changes, however, one should not focus on the borders, but rather put the people at the center of attention. And in this respect, according to dean muller, christians and politicians (and basically all citizens) have something in common: namely, a common interest in and a common responsibility for ensuring that life in the community succeeds.

As in every year, citizens were honored who have distinguished themselves through their honorary commitment in the associations. This year, special praise was given to the conductors of the various orchestras of the priesendorf music society. Thomas wolf was honored for having the main orchestra compete at the highest level in the meantime. And on this occasion the main orchestra received the grade "with distinction" last year, this is the highest score possible in a competition.

Mayor beck was suitably proud when she pointed out that the music society was known and loved throughout upper franconia. The achievements of jutta diroll, who conducts the school orchestra, and andreas muller, who directs the youth orchestra, were also recognized with a certificate of appreciation. Both have achieved considerable success with their ensembles in competitions, and both ensure that the main orchestra does not have any problems with young musicians. Until recently, there was also an ensemble for older semesters in the music association: for the leadership of the "spatlese christina renner was awarded.

Furthermore, dominik jaud was honored, who held the office of the first kerwas burgomaster for ten years. In the meantime, he has been replaced by peter jungkunz, who has been in this position for two years. Both, as mayor beck pointed out in her laudation, keep old traditions alive and maintain friendly relations to the neighboring communities: guests from distant areas travel to the priesendorfer kerwa.

An event such as the new year's reception naturally only receives the festive setting it deserves through music. This year the horn ensemble of the musikverein priesendorf, under the direction of the association's chairman jurgen sperber, delighted the guests with a number of pieces. 

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