Gauck against sweeping criticism of parties

"You will certainly not hear such criticism of politics from me," gauck (73) told the news magazine "der spiegel". "The annoyance at them is too coarse for me to demand it anymore."

In addition it displeases it, if the parties are bad-marked sweepingly. "For decades, they have contributed significantly to the shaping of our freedom, our social peace, our prosperity. Without them we were not where we are today."

Further said gauck, who on 18. Marz has been in office for a year: "I would like to contribute to bringing politics and citizens closer together again."He sees himself as a member of the political class and would like people to look at the federal president and say: "oh well, it’s us, the citizens, who make politics."Cooperation without commitment could not work. "One cannot be only user."

The phrase "i am proud to be german" was so misused that he didn’t want to say it, gauck said. But: "we can be proud of our present germany, proud of what it has achieved after the end of the war and the nazi era. And if you feel like it, you can say that too."

When asked whether he found the public treatment of FDP faction leader rainer bruderle in the sexism debate unfair, gauck replied: "when there is such a virtuous furor, I am less moral than one might expect of me as a former pastor."There is certainly still work to be done on the women’s issue. "But i can’t see a particularly serious, flat-covering misconduct of men towards women in this country."Bruderle had come under criticism after a journalist had held a disreputable remark against him.

Gauck also spoke out for more transparency in german arms exports. "Good things can usually also be communicated well. In rare cases there are reasons for secrecy," he said. Most germans coped with the fact that the meetings of the federal security council were top secret. "Others want to know more. I can understand that."It must be debated again and again whether weapons should also be delivered to dictatorships.

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