Free wuste or parking for a fee?

Free wuste or parking for a fee?

The gravel parking lot at the bleichwasen was built before the small garden show in 2011. In the meantime, it has developed into a heavily used visitor and commuter parking lot. But there is one problem that the CSU faction in the city council now wants to tackle.

In dry weather, the land in sthashausen is a dust dessert, in rain it is a mud flat covered with plaster. "In both cases, the space is not reasonably usable," writes the CSU. Trucks blocking parts of the square.

Parking lot disappear

In addition, parking spaces will be eliminated during the redevelopment of the mainland on the upper main quay on the city side. If the hotel is built in the former youth center in schrannenstrabe, more parking spaces will disappear. In addition, there is the planned renovation of the parking garage in herrnstrabe, which will lead to further bottlenecks for parking space seekers, with disadvantages for the shopping city of kitzingen and the retail trade.

"This bottleneck, which is already apparent today, can only be alleviated by the construction of additional, usable parking spaces," says the CSU. Andreas moser and his faction see a solution at bleichwasen.

Fixing the square

According to the ideas of the CSU, the gravel parking lot is to be expanded into a paved parking lot for cars. It is to be made available to shoppers, visitors and residents of the town.

Artificial against fees?

However – and this is new in the discussion about the parking lot – for a "small and bearable contribution to costs. The CSU can imagine a daily ticket of two euros per car, buses should pay ten euros a day. The CSU sees this as a financing proposal for a mabnahme, the costs of which, however, are still completely open. As the CSU has calculated, with 150 cars on 300 days, about 90,000 euros per year were collected.

To the development itself the parliamentary group proposes to exclude the possible location at the bleichwasen for a new youth center for the time being. The rest of the square is to be paved.

Locking for trucks

The CSU wants to slay a much-discussed problem at the same time. The place should be closed for the trucks that like to park here. In addition, the CSU requests that parking spaces for buses be provided and that "sufficient lighting be ensured in the parking lot and on the roads into town.

The CSU’s proposals go further than the previous ideas for the area. They also provide for the fortification, but no fees. According to current plans, which are not yet covered by resolutions, the parking lot at the bleichwasen directly at the old main bridge and with a short way to the city center is to be approved in the medium term only for short-term parking for which a fee is charged. Long-term parkers should then move to the two parking lots in the direction of bayernplatz.

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