Erich hegwein appointed old burgermeister of marktbreit

Altburgermeister – that’s the title with which the former mayor of marktbreit, erich hegwein, has been allowed to adorn himself since thursday evening. In a ceremony in the warehouse, which was delayed by about half a year due to the corona, the city said goodbye to its former mayor and five city council members who are no longer represented in the new body.

Only briefly the role of the new mayor, harald kopp, who took over the moderation of the evening and at the end the awarding of the honor. The tribute to hegwein’s achievement was left to his longtime deputy, herbert biebelriether, who framed his laudation under the motto: "he who likes something finds ways" put.

When he was elected mayor of marktbreit 18 years ago, hegwein had the "ideal prerequisites for the office": training as a banker, as an administrative specialist and then another twelve years as a chamberlain in marktbreit. Even when the city’s financial situation was tight at the beginning of the mayor’s term: "you were always a visionary who initiated and implemented many projects in marktbreit with foresight but also with due caution", so biebelriether.

Up to the limits of resilience

These include the designation of building and commercial areas, the rebuilding and new construction of all four kindergartens in the town, the renovation of the warehouse and the building yard, the renovation of the school and town residential buildings, and much more.

In addition, hegwein also attached great importance to the social life of the town and invested a lot of time in culture, the twin towns, associations, senior citizens, aid organizations, children and youth. You did not spare yourself and went to the limits of your endurance and sometimes even beyond", said biebelriether, before expressing the thanks of the city of marktbreit, the city council and the employees.

Hegwein himself looked back on the past six years and then took the opportunity to bid farewell to the council members who had left the city along with him. In his thanks he especially included his wife waltraud for her support and help: "you really saved me from many faux pas – and that was good too."

The retired city council

Martina michel (CSU), who not only served on the council for 18 years, but was also more than a support to the mayor during her entire time as the third mayor of the town and a member of the building committee, has left office. In all three elections she had "the low percentage of votes" preserved.

Gerd freidlein (freie wahler) was elected to the city council in 2004 and was re-elected twice. Important for the work in the council was his activity as the manager of the building yard. Hans-martin hoffmann (grune und breiter burger) had run for the office of mayor in 2008, had been a member of the city council for a total of 12 years, and had been particularly active in environmental issues. Jurgen huthofer (CSU) had also enriched the council body for 12 years, especially in his function as cultural advisor.

Maria-luise thein (SPD) was committed to questions of partnership during her six years as a city councilor. Also bid farewell to hegwein was angelika pinnau, who, as an administrative employee, supported hegwein during her 12 years as a chamber member and took the minutes of the council meetings until the end of the legislative period, even after she had left active service.

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