Diving tower in the kulmbach open-air swimming pool: this is planned

If everything goes according to plan, construction work on the facility will begin right after the end of the 2018 swimming season, explains the head of the municipal utility, stephan proschold. Ideally, the project will be completed at the beginning of the 2019 season.

Winter weather is decisive

according to proschold, whether this will work depends above all on favorable weather conditions in winter.

However, it has not yet been decided exactly what the structure will look like. "We will have to wait for the results of the tender. Then come the offers with the most diverse design proposals", according to proschold.

The only thing that's certain so far is the key data: it's to be a tower with one-, three- and five-meter platforms.

And the location has also been decided: the new attraction will be located between the old diving pool and the slide.

Since the invitation to tender has not yet been issued, it is of course not yet possible to give details of the exact costs. 1.4 million euros have been earmarked for the project in the utility company's budget, 800,000 euros of which are planned for 2018. The city council has already paved the way, and now it's time to move on to the planning phase. "The open-air swimming pool will become even more attractive", stephan proschold is convinced.

Although the recreational facility dates back to the 1970s, it is still in good shape, he says with pride. Nevertheless, it is necessary to renovate and renew the plant step by step. "So that there is no backlog of renovation work." the first steps have already been taken with the redesigned kiosk and the renovated restrooms.

The fact that a diving tower in the open-air swimming pool is desired above all by young people is something that katrin brehm. Some time ago, the young woman had conducted a survey among young people on behalf of the city's youth and family advisory council, which focused, among other things, on recreational facilities. "And there was strikingly often the desire for a diving tower voiced", she says after a glance at the documents.

The questioning had taken place at a time when the old site was already closed due to tree fishing – and before the terrible deaths in july 2015 and the demolition of the old tower in march 2016.

2244 young people questioned

katrin brehm surveyed 2244 young people at the time, and 327 of them (14.6 percent) expressed a desire for a diving tower. "This was an important topic." because it was an open question and there was no other mention of a jumping tower in the entire survey. "The youths raised the issue of their own accord." the result is to be evaluated all the more highly.

"The diving tower was an important topic among the young people", says katrin brehm.

And it is probably still today …

Diving tower in the open-air swimming pool – the history

the diving area in the outdoor pool will be closed in the 2015 season. Static reasons force to the step.

Todessprunge the open-air swimming pool attains sad fame on the 26th of september. July 2015. Two manner jump into the closed and empty pool. The two friends were according to police under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Blast on 21. March 2016 the diving tower will be blown up. It takes only two seconds, then the landmark of the open-air swimming pool is history.

Planning 2017 there are initial considerations to build a diving tower in the open-air pool again.

City council in the june meeting of the city council the building application for a new diving tower should be presented to the local politicians.

A comment on the kulmbach outdoor pool:

something for everyone

the kulmbach open-air swimming pool is already an ornament without a diving tower. The facility is undoubtedly one of the best in upper franconia. Who looks for rest and relaxation or wants to draw sportily his courses, is already in excellent hands there.

Families with children are also well served. Two slides, a children's pool and a paddling pool. Plus rough sunbathing lawns – what more could you want??

But one must also honestly admit that for adolescents an attraction is missing. In the past, the ten-meter tower was a point of attraction for all those who wanted to prove themselves by jumping from a dizzying height and impress the other bathers.

Well, it will not be ten meters more, but the new facility will certainly find its friends. And then the outdoor pool really has something to offer for everyone.

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