Chamberman christian bertleff presented his medium-term financial planning to the adelsdorf community council on wednesday evening. Among other things, 2.5 million euros have been earmarked for the kindergarten expansion, and another 16,000 euros have been budgeted for the skater facility.

The meeting continued with a bang when it came to approving the budget and staffing plan for 2019, when everything seemed to be in place. Jorg bubel (SPD) took the floor and read out a three-page statement in which he was concerned, among other things, with the increase in administrative positions. He referred to a 2015 report that predicted a staff increase of 7.5 jobs, but the actual increase was 16.5 jobs. In addition, the increase in debt to around 17.3 million euros by the end of 2022 seemed unacceptable to him. He also made no secret of the fact that he would explain the activities in the area of planned investments in connection with the upcoming municipal elections.

"You will certainly not hear such criticism of politics from me," gauck (73) told the news magazine "der spiegel". "The annoyance at them is too coarse for me to demand it anymore."

In addition it displeases it, if the parties are bad-marked sweepingly. "For decades, they have contributed significantly to the shaping of our freedom, our social peace, our prosperity. Without them we were not where we are today."

A fountain as the last remnant of a vanished village

"On the old sichart!" the round "am sichartshof starts with a precious drop. The "sichartshof", a vanished village between fetzelhofen and mailach, is an idyllic place. The only remnant of the former settlement is an old fountain. In order to preserve it for posterity, some citizens from fetzelhofen, mailach and lonnerstadt have spent a lot of time and effort. Equipped with a table and benches, a lovely place was created next to the fountain, inviting peace and tranquility. And to a good bread time, to which initiators and supporters had come together.

An entry in the dachsbacher urbar indicates that the happy round is not wrong: in 1450 a peter sighart becomes "sigartzhoffe" mentioned. "That was the sichart’s yard", gunter weinkauf explains the name. Hermann popp, hans feth and gunter weinkauf had the idea to save the fountain monument and took the restoration in hand.

pentagon confirms iran shot at us drone

Accordingly, the incident occurred as early as 1. November over international waters about 30 kilometers from the iranian coast. The drone was not hit and returned safely to its base, said defense department spokesman george little.

Iran contradicted this statement. An "unknown" aircraft that had entered iranian airspace was fired upon, iran’s fars news agency wrote on friday. "Thanks to the vigilance and determination of the iranian forces, the plane was forced to flee," defense minister ahmad vahidi was quoted as saying. Iran used all possible channels, including international organizations, to pursue the invasion.

A question of bratwurst faith

The internet is full of inflammatory writings that could hardly have been formulated more vehemently at the time of the reformation. There is talk of one right and one wrong. Of tasteful aberrations and no two opinions: one bratwurst is good, the other bad. It only depends on which denomination, pardon me, which district the sausage lover belongs to.

Differences of faith at the barbecue

Between kronach and coburg there are the coarse and fine smells: in the catholic regions the bratwursts are fine. They melt like hosties on the tongue. In coburg as far as thuringia, the coarse caliber prevails. 31-centimeter-long prugels, calculated according to the mab of saint mauritius on the town hall, are pinched into a semmel divided from above, half a double loaf of bread. There are several theories and recipes on both sides of the bratwurst line. Roughly, because protestants considered fine chopping with a cutter to be an unnecessary chore and luxury. Or: catholics were more generous. They were the first to acquire, in addition to their old, coarse meat grinders, the small chopping cutter. And because it’s not enough: even the french revenge is buried under the web of conspiracy theories and facts about the bratwurst. According to the recipe of the sausage, the rake is made of red and female, with equal proportions of red lean meat and female bacon.