goals for the school mainleus

Saving profits can be worthwhile, and not only for the saver. A portion of every raffle ticket sold goes to regional projects that the raiffeisenbank obermain nord supports every year. Beneficiary was this time the mainleuser school, which was pleased about a donation in the amount of 2350 euros. "Our principal doris horath and i agreed right away that we wanted to put the money into sports equipment.", said vice-principal bernd fritsch, who received the check on monday from the head of the business department steffen matuschek.

The old soccer goals in the playground were broken and needed to be replaced with sturdy new goals, because "we have a lot of kids who like to play soccer during recess, said fritsch. Furthermore, the school purchased two so-called tchoukball goals for the gym. Cool, think the kids, who really break a sweat in the game with the new goals.

Viereth-trunstadt was the first municipality in the bamberg district to receive an education profile with detailed information about the framework conditions and current educational activities in the municipality. The 28-page collection of facts was compiled in the education office of the bamberg district office. If district administrator johann kalb (CSU) has his way, educational profiles like this one will be used not only in viereth-trunstadt, but soon in other towns and communities in the district to make educational policy decisions at the local level.
"Our county residents not only have a right to education – education is also an essential factor for economic development and social integration", said kalb in a press release. In order to develop the educational landscape in the best possible way, detailed knowledge of the framework conditions and current educational events in the municipality is indispensable, says the district administrator.
The education profile for viereth-trunstadt not only analyzes the framework conditions for population structure, employment, economic sectors and commuting movements, but also provides information on early childhood, school and vocational education.
The district of bamberg has set itself the task of actively shaping education. The hub for this is the education office in the district office, which was set up last fall as part of the "integrated education" program is financed by the federal government and the european union. Ramona wenzel is responsible for preparing the education reports: "the management of education is particularly accurate when it is based on up-to-date data. With the help of education monitoring, we provide viereth-trunstadt with the necessary tools to make informed education policy decisions. For example, the municipality has been able to respond quickly and efficiently to the need for early childhood care, creating both new daycare and after-school care places."
The educational profile can be downloaded as a document from the homepage of the district office and the municipality of viereth-trunstadt.

It was with a heavy heart that the teachers, the school management and the school community of the herzog-otto-mittelschule lichtenfels (HOS) had to bid farewell to two long-serving teaching colleagues and the school's janitor in retirement.

Long years of classic ladder

on the day of the dismissal ceremony for the 9. And 10. Gerhard waldschutz, the last head of class 10cm, said goodbye to the classes in a ceremonial setting. The teaching staff said goodbye with a song they had composed themselves, which recalled past experiences together and included the character traits and virtues of their beloved colleague. As a class instructor, waldschutz taught high school classes for many years and also successfully taught middle school classes at the HOS. With his outstanding musical skills and his tireless commitment, he made a decisive contribution to the school profile of the herzog-otto-mittelschule. For years, for example, he was in charge of the school band, which gave numerous performances both within the school and throughout the district.

"Who wants to see hardworking craftsmen?? He must go to the masons! Stone on stone, stone on stone: the house will soon be…", trallali and trallalaaaa. At least that's the way it was in kindergarten. The fact is that there are around 130 different apprenticeships in the skilled trades – technically demanding, creative, in the health sector or in the food industry.

"When it comes to choosing the right profession, young people should first think about where their talents, interests and strengths lie," says forsbach, says roland maul, training advisor at the chamber of handicrafts for lower franconia. "It would be completely wrong to take up a profession just because it is fashionable at the moment, or perhaps because your friends are learning it."

Balloon escapee meets former border guards at kulmbach vocational school center

The "real" balloon escapee arrives – gunter wetzel was celebrated like a star on his arrival at the vocational school center. Not only the schoolchildren who visited the exhibition "30 years since the fall of the berlin wall" were impressed the people who had helped design the film wanted to meet the fugitive in person, but so did many others, because they had all seen the spectacular movie "the balloon seen by bully herbig and were curious about the eyewitness from back then.

Gunter wetzel is 64 years old today. After his spectacular escape from the GDR at the age of 24, he became an icon. He received help just one day after his "crash landing" get an apartment in naila with his family. And he worked as a car mechanic in the west. Today he lives in chemnitz. "I have not regretted a single minute of my escape", said wetzel.

The twelfth grade of the waldorf school in the mainauen in habfurt will be taking a tour on 21. And 22. (wednesday and thursday) at 7 pm the play "witch hunt" by arthur miller on. The play presented in the school is about the persecution of women.
In 1692, the residents of the puritan town of salem, massachusetts, went into a witchcraft frenzy after the village reverend, mr. Parris, surprised girls dancing wildly in the woods. For fear of being punished, the girls break out into hysteria and accuse women of the village of being guilty of witchcraft. Abigail, the leader of the
madchen, takes advantage of this to get rid of elisabeth proctor, the wife of her former lover and servant john proctor, by accusing her of being a witch too. Elisabeth and many other salem women arrested and sentenced to death. John proctor, who knows the truth about the girls’ play, is trying to convince the court that the girls are just pretending. This is how he intends to protect the women of the village and elisabeth.

Ingrid weingartner was elected as the new chairwoman of the demand group of the saaletal school in bad kissingen and hammelburg at the annual general meeting. She succeeds special school principal norbert paul, who is retiring in february 2019 and therefore did not run again. The executive committee also includes joachim wehner (2), a student councilor in the ford school service. Chairman) and isabelle richl (3. Chairman).
In her speech, ingrid weingartner described her predecessor as a conner and gonner, who has been the main leader of the association since 2004. Norbert paul succeeded in keeping the association alive over all these years with the help of well-known sponsors, demand funds and income from the school's own flea market sales, which in turn enabled the association to achieve a number of goals for the benefit of the schoolchildren. She also wants to keep the many activities alive, especially the flea market, promised ingrid weingartner.

Lunchtime care

the goals of the association, to dedicate itself to the auberschulischen demand of children and young people with special-pedagogical demand need, were particularly realized in the context of the midday care of the saaletal school, explained norbert paul. The care group was led by an educator and a trainee, whom the association was able to hire and support financially.

Rare passion for collecting: a skeptical view of the future

For a brief moment, klaus apitz pulls away. His hand has barely moved a few centimeters forward when it jerks back the bridged distance again. "Oh, maybe I'd better get a pair of tweezers", he says and makes his way to the next room. With the silver auxiliary device, he finally dares to pull the stamp – which is more like a postcard – out of the album's gossamer plastic flap: raffael's world-famous "sistine madonna.
Whereas the two red-winged angels at the bottom of the picture, as an independent motif, may well be somewhat better known than the original oil painting, which can be admired in the dresden gallery of paintings. The value: inestimable.

Anchored in the subconscious

apitz's stamp version, on the other hand, is already available for less than seven euros on the online auction house ebay. As a fixed price. But the 72-year-old still didn't want to touch the stamp with his bare fingers. "In that case it might not be so bad now", he says. "But if you accidentally smear ink from a stamp onto a stamp with your finger, it immediately loses its value."
furthermore, in the course of numerous years as a collector, the precautionary removal is probably firmly anchored in the subconscious at some point in time. And the former elementary and high school teacher has not only accumulated a good number of years, but also ten albums with more than 12,000 stamps and historical postcards from his home town of kups.

Second chance to start a career

With a generous donation of 8,500 euros, the sparkasse lichtenfels-coburg supports a proven concept that gives many young people the chance of a sensible career start. The ecn class has been running at the johann-puppert school in michelau for the past twelve years. The abbreviation ecn stands for extra chance use. The program is aimed at students in the final years of high school who, for whatever reason, have not managed to graduate with a qualifying high school diploma.

These students voluntarily attend school three days a week. There, they are being prepared for the qualifying secondary school leaving certificate in lessons that focus on the core subjects. Two days a week, they complete a two-week internship in a company in the lichtenfels area. After that, they move on to another company. The young people are individually supervised during their internship by a graduate social pedagogue and by the class leader. No costs for the companies.

Altburgermeister – that’s the title with which the former mayor of marktbreit, erich hegwein, has been allowed to adorn himself since thursday evening. In a ceremony in the warehouse, which was delayed by about half a year due to the corona, the city said goodbye to its former mayor and five city council members who are no longer represented in the new body.

Only briefly the role of the new mayor, harald kopp, who took over the moderation of the evening and at the end the awarding of the honor. The tribute to hegwein’s achievement was left to his longtime deputy, herbert biebelriether, who framed his laudation under the motto: "he who likes something finds ways" put.