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My Experience with the Citibank E Savings Account

I was more than a tad dubious when I first heard about this promotion from CITIBANK. An "eSavings" account – an interest earning savings account linked to your checking account so you can quickly and easily transfer funds between the two – either in person at a branch office

Is it Okay to Use an Online Savings Account?

The internet has made the front end business of retail a lot less expensive. They no longer have to pay for shelf stockers, clerks, cashiers, managers, shelf space, utilities and the like. They can all do this through a simple web front now. Because companies can save so money

Online Savings Accounts Offering High Interest Rates? Buyer Beware!

Like many folks out there, I was looking into savings accounts with 1% or higher interest rates. My local Credit Union paid only a 0.8% so I thought I’d maximize my savings by going with a higher rate. There were lists of different accounts offering 1.3%, 1.35%, etc. I

Why an Online Savings Account is Smart in a Recession

Having an online savings account is a smart move in today’s economy. Are you confident you are getting the maximum return on your savings? Below I outline three reasons why having an online savings account makes smart money sense in our current recession. Having an online savings account allows

Best Bank Interest Rates Can Be Found Online

The internet is a tool that can be used by many for a number of different things in terms of e-commerce and the like. Now, banks are starting to get in the game by offering the best bank interest rates through their websites. Banks are pretty competitive when it

What’s the Best Online Savings Account?

If you’re asking “What’s the best online savings account?” you’re in luck. Use any search engine to identify online savings accounts that will protect your money and provide a higher than national average rate. Historically low savings rates present a challenge to investors in search of a healthy after-tax,