Happy faces in priesendorf

For the tenth time, the political community of priesendorf invited guests to the new year's reception at the community center in kulm. Mayor maria beck (CSU) not only buried the honorary guests on this occasion – among them dean albert muller, pastor i. R. Ewald thoma, andrea friedrich, theresa schwarzmann, ehrenburger willi troster, all the municipal councillors and club chairmen as well as the chairmen of the fire departments – but it also gave a warm welcome to all those who had done voluntary work in the municipality of priesendorf in the past year. After all, it is thanks to the volunteers that a rich cultural life is possible in this community and that everyone can feel accepted and welcome. It is therefore a fine tradition to look back at the beginning of a new year and to thank the volunteers for their work.

Special mention should also be made of local councillor manfred dutsch, who is now in his 10th year of office. Who, for the first time, took care of the organization of hospitality for the guests at the end of the ceremony.


Christmas musical events are something that touches people in a special way. On the saturday evening of the third weekend of advent, the magically decorated kronachtalhalle was filled with an atmosphere of expectation.

Diverse moods

from the deeply moving "so this is christmas", written in 1972 in the historical context of the vietnam war from john lennon and yoko ono to the propelling sudamerican "felix navidad" – the musicians offered a variety of moods. This is especially true for the wonderful "winterrose" by kurt gable, centerpiece of the first part of the program. Symbolically describing the miracle of the holy night, the song cycle and reflective-optimistic texts on the christmas story show that the confrontation with the good news of christ's coming to our world remains current.

Bernhard F. Loges, who has been the director of the landestheater coburg since the beginning of the 2018/19 season, has several difficult tasks to shoulder. Because in addition to the day-to-day running of the three-section house, it is necessary to prepare for the upcoming renovation periods, which certainly does not make the planning of the play schedule any easier.

Moreover, since musical director roland kluttig is moving to graz in the foreseeable future, he will also have to find a new general music director. And he does not want to let the wagner cultivation, so successfully refreshed by his predecessor, fall short in this house, which is also rich in wagner tradition.

"In the spring, philipp completed a one-week internship at our facility", says sonja riedler, head of social services. The 18-year-old trainee, who suffers from infantile spastic cerebral tetraparesis, realizes his potential by getting a taste of life at the social institution "am bruderwald a rough wish. As a companion in the social care team, he learned about everyday working life and how to deal with senior citizens.

"He liked it so much that he asked us to drop by once in a while", so riedler. Why not – thought the occupational therapist and the project "old and fit meets young and handicapped"? Was born. For several months now, the youngster has been visiting the seniors on a regular basis. Then philipp takes part in music therapy with the residents or visits the residents he is familiar with in the apartment.

Ahasver with raisin eyes

My wagner year has barely begun, and already i have to hurry to make up for lost ground. The first performance of the "flying dutchman you can't just treat it as a marginal note! Although the deadline is definitely over, because the event took place on the 2. January 1843 in the royal saxon court theater in dresden. But a searching glance at my everlasting wagner-calendar offers even me a date-prevaricator salvation*: 169 years ago today, richard wagner conducted the first performance of the "hollander" in berlin in berlin.

But now in order. The premiere, conducted by its conductor, was enthusiastically celebrated – the leipziger zeitung reported that the applause was almost penetratingly tailored to wagner and threatened to take on cult forms – but after only four performances, the work was removed from the program for lack of a paying audience. Even the wagner-friendly deutsche allgemeine zeitung had to state that "in view of the strangeness of the whole conception of this material, the original music was not yet fully understood in all its parts."

A narrow fire escape leads up from the exhibition hall to a kind of platform. Felix forsbach climbs ahead. From here, one climbs up a second ladder and through a hatch. Felix forsbach stands on the roof of the boiler house and says: "that's actually the highlight of the building." one has an excellent view of michelsberg and concert hall. Here above, finds the artist and concert organizer, one could install nevertheless marvelously a cafe.
With the franz kafka e.V. Has forsbach in june the kesselhaus at the leinritt for two weeks with art and experimental music played. The festival took place for the second time. Now the art space in the former washhouse of the old hospital could play a significant role in what happens to the young culture of bamberg. The "culture needs space" debate is red-hot again, at least since the hopes of the contact-festival-team for the carpentry in the lagarde barracks were dashed. The city has sold the block edge at weibenburgerstrabe and zollnerstrabe to investors.

A wrong signal

mayor and cultural advisor christian lange (CSU) warned in this context that a new cultural institution on the land could compete with existing ones – the old ropemakers' workshop, the krackhardthaus, the kesselhaus. Forsbach, who knows the kesselhaus like few others, this sends the wrong signal: the building on the lower sandstrabe could become a valve for the hopes that were previously associated with the barracks. "Concerts like the ones at the contact festival don't need to be held here", he says. "A punk band: this would be a horror in terms of sound."
At the same time, there are very concrete visions for the future of the kesselhaus, in the vein of franz kafka e.V. And the art space "now be discussed. Forsbach envisions a production house, a place where ambitious art can be exhibited and experimental music can be shown. A curated, demanded program that does not attract crowds, but between 20 and 150 people per event.
"To the events that we do here", he says "people are coming from wurzburg and nurnberg. They say: we don't have anything like that here." compared to other cities, kesselhaus concerts by artists from the free jazz scene, for example, are extremely well-attended. "If they were in munich before, the audience here is more coarse." forsbach wants to establish a brand with supraregional appeal.
The franz kafka e.V. Discovered his love for this building. And in this way: that more playable spaces belong to it than the space in which adelbert heil is currently exhibiting sculptures. To the south of it adjoins a scheddach hall, which is divided into several rooms of varying coarseness. Partly rough enough for theater or performance projects. The roof had to be renovated.