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Review of ING Direct Money Market Savings Account

Synopsis Have you ever heard of rich people having a money market account? Money markets are accounts where wealthy people put their money while it isn't being invested. There's no risk of losing money in a money market account, but they give pretty high rates of returns. Well I

Could Higher Interest Rates Improve Our Housing Market?

The interest rates have been gradually increasing over the past month, and with that change has come a sense of urgency. Many families have expressed a sense of urgency to pay off as many bills as they can, and in addition they have also made hardcore decisions about their

How to Get the Best Interest Rates on SavingsMoney Market Accounts

The national average for savings/MMA interest rate are below 1%. If you have one of those account(s) your money isn't working hard enough for you. In this article you will find out how to easily find and open a high yield saving/MMA account. So read on to find out

Are Money Market Funds Safe?

If you’re an investor with some cash to invest, you’re probably asking, “Are money market funds safe?” The decision to save more money is almost never easy, but deciding to save money and maintain liquidity can be a challenge. Money market investments can help you earn a higher interest