democrats incensed over billion-dollar funding for trump's border wall

The U.S. Department of defense is reportedly diverting $3.6 billion (3.3 billion euros) from existing projects to build the border wall with mexico that president donald trump has requested.

Trump said wednesday in washington that pentagon chief mark esper had briefed members of congress on the plans. Leading democrats immediately condemned the plan and accused trump of going on an ego trip – at the expense of the military and national security.

Afd party leader meuthen rules out candidacy for the Bundestag

Afd chairman jorg meuthen will not seek candidacy for federal election. In a letter to party members, meuthen justified his decision by saying that he could fulfill an important task for the afd as a member of the european parliament.

"Berlin, like other national capitals, is increasingly threatening to become a kind of branch office and command center for brussel," he wrote in the circular letter obtained by the deutsche presse-agentur. "Someone has to counter commission president ursula von der leyen. That’s where I see my task," he said in berlin on wednesday.

boos against bayern patron hoeneb

Uli hoeneb left the audi dome depressed and thoughtful. The sometimes harsh accusations against him at the annual general meeting of FC bayern munchen hit the president "very hard," as he admitted in a quiet voice afterwards.

"Tonight there are approaches, as I do not imagine the FC bayern", he had shouted at the end of the event to the nearly 1700 members in the hall of the bayern basketball players. There were whistles and even boos against the club’s president instead of the usual tributes – that was new and remarkable a year before the next presidential election.

Spd wants to talk about rough coalition

Talks with the CDU/CSU can take place in the coming week. Afterwards, party leader sigmar gabriel spoke of a "very calm discussion" among the 200 delegates. "Now it’s up to mrs. Merkel to bring about the formation of a government," he said. SPD’s decision "does not clear the way for coalition negotiations".

A member referendum would be a novelty in SPD history. A vote on a certain day in the local associations would be possible in accordance with the statutes. The result is to be politically binding. Gabriel stressed that exact form is still unclear.

This is what the day brings at the tour of france

The 2019 tour de france gets underway – and in cycling-mad belgium, too. In the old town of brussel already on thursday 75.000 enthusiastic fans joined in the celebrations as the teams were presented on the magnificent grand place.

On the first 194.5 kilometers of the 106. Tour of france this saturday (12.00 o’clock/one and eurosport) become even more.

To the article "role ruckwarts with the kitzinger station" from 14.11. The following reader's letter reached the editorial office. A few words about the endless kitzingen train station story: the tragedy in the matter of the city train station, which is currently on the siding again, leads me to the following thoughts, which consider yet another aspect. I am referring to the workshop on the design of the railroad station, which took place several years ago.

What is the point of organizing workshops at the municipal or communal level in which the citizen can participate?? Do you really want citizen participation?? Or do these events only serve to make it look that way, or because that's the way people think it should be done today?? There was citizen participation on urban development, on ILEK, on LEADER, on ESD. You pin colorful pieces of paper on the pinboards of well-paid agencies and invest hour after hour, evening after evening.